It's Halloween and Genesis and her friends Andy Biersack,Jake Pitts,Jinxx,Ashley Purdy and C.C plan on having a fun Halloween.But what happens when what was suppose to be a fun Halloween turns into a night of horror.


3. There's two Andys?!

~Genesis' P.O.V~

My eyes opened,my vision was a little blurry at first.I blinked two more times,my vision finally returning to normal.I looked around,I found myself laying on the floor of a dirty basement.I immediately started searching for a way out.As I was searching for a way out,I found a door.I turned the door knob slowly and pulled the door open.I found Andy....staring angrily at me.His once piercing blue eyes are now completely black and his lips were covered in blood.He started laughing.This wasn't the normal laugh Andy did.This was more like an evil laugh.I started to run away.I looked behind me but Andy was nowhere to be found.I kept running but I tripped and fell.I ended up falling on Andy.I started screaming."Gen,it's alright.Relax",Andy said as he held me tightly and started to shake me.Then I realized that he was back to normal.His eyes were back to the same blue shade that they always were.Me and Andy went upstairs and we found C.C and Jinxx.C.C is conscious again but he's a little dizzy."Jake?Ashley",I yelled and I started to look around.Jake and Ashley came back,but they came back with Andy....

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