It's Halloween and Genesis and her friends Andy Biersack,Jake Pitts,Jinxx,Ashley Purdy and C.C plan on having a fun Halloween.But what happens when what was suppose to be a fun Halloween turns into a night of horror.


5. Splitting up....was a bad idea

~Genesis' P.O.V~

The guys shot up from where they were sitting."Alright,we gotta split up,it'll help us find him faster that way",Andy said.So we all do as we're told and split up.As I was wandering through the house,I stopped and looked around.Then I heard a voice.I found door in front of me.I heard that voice again.I automatically knew it was Ashley's voice.I opened the door and as I walked in I saw that it was an old bedroom."Ashley?",I called out.The lights went out then all of a sudden a hand covered my mouth,then I smelled something really intense...

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