It's Halloween and Genesis and her friends Andy Biersack,Jake Pitts,Jinxx,Ashley Purdy and C.C plan on having a fun Halloween.But what happens when what was suppose to be a fun Halloween turns into a night of horror.


6. "Is it gone?" "'s never gonna be"

~Genesis' P.O.V~

I opened my eyes after staying knocked out for god knows how long.I tried to move but I was tied to a chair.The door opened and I saw Andy."Thank god!",I said as I sighed in relief."Just call me Andy",he said.Now,by the sound of that remark I can tell he was either trying to be smart with me or wanted to try and play the role of being just plain stupid.I glared at him."Not funny,now untie me!",I said in an angry tone."What if I don't want to?",Andy asked,with a slight smirk."What do you mean?",I asked,my eyes starting to widen in fear.Then I noticed that he had blood on his mouth."What happened to you?",I asked him."What?The blood?Oh nothing,that's normal",he replied.In my head,something signaled to me that something wasn't right about this Andy..."So,it's normal to bleed?",I asked him."But I'm not bleeding",he said,smirking as he walked towards me.Once he got to me,he leaned in towards my neck...For some reason I had this strange feeling come over me.I knew it wasn't Andy...But I'm gonna try and play with his mind just to see what he'll say or do."I know it's not you,Andy",I said."How do you know?",he asked,with a slightly puzzled look on his face."Because you told me",I said.I can tell that he had figured out what I was trying to do.He had an extremely annoyed look on his face.He  slapped me before leaning close to my neck again.All of a sudden the door busted open."Dude,what are you doing?!",C.C asked."That's not Andy",I explained to C.C....C.C's mouth began to curl up into a smirk once I told him it wasn't Andy.I can tell,he had an idea."Really?He looks like Andy to me",he said as he walked over to Andy.He wrapped his arm around Andy's shoulder in a friendly matter.Then all of a sudden C.C punched Andy in the face.Once Andy was knocked out C.C untied me quickly and took me to go find the other guys.When we finally caught up to them,Matt asked us "Have you guys seen Andy?We were suppose to meet here together".I started explaining what happened to me,just to give Matt a sense of what was going on here.Then we started searching for Andy and Ashley.We continued searching until we heard Ashley's voice."Hey!",Ashley said to us.We turned around to see Ashley standing in the middle of the room."Come here!" we yelled to him."I can't move",he replied.Me and Jake looked at each other,I think we could all tell something wasn't quite right about this picture.Jake walked over to Ashley to see a line of salt on the floor."Cross this line",Jake demanded as he pointed to the line of salt."I can't,we have to go this way!I heard Andy from there!",Ashley replied.I looked at Ashley and furrowed my eyebrows."How do you know Andy's missing?",I asked.Ashley didn't answer me.Now,this definitely told me something was wrong.To start things off,he knows Andy's missing when he wasn't with us and he can't cross a simple line of salt.This tells me that he's not the real Ashley and it also tells me that he's a demon.As the saying goes:A pinch of salt a day,keeps the spirits away.We all decided to go with Ashley.He takes us to the bedroom where I was once tied up."Where are we going?",I asked Ashley."To find Andy",he answered."The real one?",I asked.Everybody stopped and stared at me.Ashley was about to run but Jake hit him over the head with a chair leg."Nice shot",C.C said as he laughed."Why in the hell am I on the floor?",we heard a voice say.We turned around to see Ashley holding a bag of chocolate chip cookies,while looking confused.Eating cookies as he stood there."I kinda figured the Ashley that we knocked out wasn't the real one",I said as I looked at the guys.I tied Demon Ashley up and I locked him in the bedroom."Where have you been?!",Matt asked Ashley."Well,I wanted some cookies so I went to go to the kitchen but I got lost 'cause the lights were acting crazy",Ashley answered."And how did you end up here with us?",I asked him."Well,I heard some voices so I wandered around to see where it was coming from then I found a door that led me here",Ashley said."Was Andy with you?",Matt asked."Nope",Ashley answered.Just casually eating cookies in between questions.We all stood still for a moment then we heard footsteps.They were far off but started to get closer.We all hid....I peeked out a little from where I was hiding,to see Andy running.I saw a black shadow following behind him.In my head,I had worked out plan to save Andy.Once both Andy and the black shadow were gone,I sprinted out of the room and after them.I found Andy sitting at the end of the hallway..."Is it gone?,I asked."'s never gonna be",he said,then he disappeared....

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