Aryia Horan (Direction Daddies book 1)

One day. He left me. With no notice. Not even a note. And I was pregnant. It was so horrible. I had no one to share the news with, except my mom. But my mom was away. I was svared, and lonely, until I actually saw her. My little Aryia. Her hair is naturally blonde, like mine, but her eyes were as blue as the ocean. They were his eyes. And she reminds me of him. The only thing of mine she has os her hair. Oyherwise she looks just like him. She is my little Aryia Horan.


2. Two


When I got home, I got a text from Niall. I had just put Aryia down, so I was able to answer it.

"can we meet up 2morrow?"


"gr8 cant w8 2 c her! Wat time?"


After I sent the last text, my mom called me.

"Did you know that that Niall boy and his band are in your town?"

"Yes, mom. I told him about Aryia, and he is going to do every thing in his power to watch her grow up." I said, through the phone.

"Oh. Well that's fine. Talk to you later." She said. I hung up the phone and curled up in my bed.



After texting Airriana for a while, I decided what I'm gonna do. I have to see her grow up, and I kinda really did miss Airriana. She was always on my mind. I'm pretty glad that I saw her again, but I just don't know what to do. I know Liam already knows, but I gotta tell the other guys sometime. Starting with Harry. He deals with this stuff the best. Seriously.  He's really good with kids. So I got up and wemt to the kitchen, where I ordered Harry to go to make me a snack. I can't beleive he's actually making me a snack. 

"I found out something big. I have a daughter." I said, showing him the picture of her on my phone.

"Huh. She looks alot like you." Is all he said.

"I know this. Hey, I was thinking, could Airriana meet all you guus tomorrow?" 




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