Aryia Horan (Direction Daddies book 1)

One day. He left me. With no notice. Not even a note. And I was pregnant. It was so horrible. I had no one to share the news with, except my mom. But my mom was away. I was svared, and lonely, until I actually saw her. My little Aryia. Her hair is naturally blonde, like mine, but her eyes were as blue as the ocean. They were his eyes. And she reminds me of him. The only thing of mine she has os her hair. Oyherwise she looks just like him. She is my little Aryia Horan.


11. Ten



"Hey, Niall, i think it's time for you to go on a diet." I said. Niall looked at me like I was the craziest person he ever met.

"what are you trying to do to me, woman?!" He asked, his eyes wide.

"I'm trying to make you go on a diet." I said, crossing my arms.

"Do you know what that does to a Niall?!?!" He said. "Do you WANT to kill me?" He asked.

"yes." I said, simply. He looked at me, horrified. "of course not!" I finally said.

"oh. Okay. I thought..."he started.

"You thought what?" I asked, slyly.

"Well, I thought... it's to embarrassing. " he replied.

"UGH! The suspense is killing me!" I said. Then suddenly, Niall pulled me into a kiss. I kissed back, just as excitedly, passionate,  and wildly as he was kissing me. I wish we could have stayed like this forever, cradled in each other's arms, but Aryia woke up. We stopped at the same back. The kiss left me waiting for more, waiting for the next encounter I will have with him.


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