Aryia Horan (Direction Daddies book 1)

One day. He left me. With no notice. Not even a note. And I was pregnant. It was so horrible. I had no one to share the news with, except my mom. But my mom was away. I was svared, and lonely, until I actually saw her. My little Aryia. Her hair is naturally blonde, like mine, but her eyes were as blue as the ocean. They were his eyes. And she reminds me of him. The only thing of mine she has os her hair. Oyherwise she looks just like him. She is my little Aryia Horan.


8. Seven (Crystal's Chapter)

When I met Airriana's friends, One Direction, I seamed to get nervous around Liam. Harry tried to score with me, but I've seen guys like him. Liam though, different. Today, I called him.

"Hi, this is Crystal, the girl from the other day. Do you remember me?" I asked, my voice shaking.

"Yea, I was wondering, How would you like to go on a date?" He asked, in his cute british accent. I was breathless.

"Hello, you still there?" He asked.

"Yes!" I said, my heart racing.

"Yes about..."

"I'll go out with you!" I say, twirling around. My balance failed me and I crashed to the ground.

"Everything all right?" He asked. I grabbed the phone.

"Yeah!" I breathed. My knees buckled. "See you tomorrow!" I said before hanging up. I slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor. I smiled and laughed at my self. "Fail." I whispered smiling.

The door bell rang. I ran to the door and opened it. I jad practiced what I would say to him, but it all vanished the moment I opened the door. "I- I... h-hi." Was all I could muster.

"Hi. So I was wondering... would you be okay watching Toy Story?" He asked.

"Yes!" I said. And that's how I knew I loved Liam Payne with all my heart. 


*Throughout the book, there will be random Crystal chapters.*


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