Aryia Horan (Direction Daddies book 1)

One day. He left me. With no notice. Not even a note. And I was pregnant. It was so horrible. I had no one to share the news with, except my mom. But my mom was away. I was svared, and lonely, until I actually saw her. My little Aryia. Her hair is naturally blonde, like mine, but her eyes were as blue as the ocean. They were his eyes. And she reminds me of him. The only thing of mine she has os her hair. Oyherwise she looks just like him. She is my little Aryia Horan.


6. Five


"So, how would you like to meet my best friend today?" She asks.

"Sure. Do want to hang with the boys again today?" 

"Yes, but I'll have to have my sister babysit." She said. She called someome, and in less tham a minute, or so it seems, someone that I think was her sister appeared. We were out the door, and we were going to the park so I could meet her best friend.

Her friend's name is crystal. She has brown eyes and dark red hair.

"We should introduce you to Harry." I told her.

Airriana looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Really? I think she's more Liam's type." 

"Will you two stop talking to me like I'm not here?" Asked Crystal.

"You should come with us." I said.



All three of us arrived, and walked through the door.

"Hug!" Louis said, ran over to me, and squeezed me. I was hopinh someone would save me from being crushed, but Harry was to busy talking to Crystal.

"Crushing... me..." I mustered to say.

"Oh, sorry." Louis said. By now, Zayn, and Liam had joined us.

Crystal was looking at Harry.

"Sorry, you're not my type." She said to Harry.

All of us stopped and looked at Harry.

"Ooooooooh!" We all said in unusion.

"Rejected twice!" Liam said.

"You better run." Harry said to Liam.

"Tag your it!" Liam poked Harry begore running off. All of us started running in different directions, trying to avoid Harry. Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm and pulled into a small room.

"Shhh... my secret." Louis said, showing me a wide room. I would have passed right by it!

"No one knows. But I think I can trust you. Dont tell anyone though." He said.

"My lips are sealed." I said, pretending to zip my lips up. A good hour passed and no one could find us. After everyone but Louis and I had been found and tagged, we decided to rejoin the game. The guys are awesome. I know we're all gonna be best friends.

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