Aryia Horan (Direction Daddies book 1)

One day. He left me. With no notice. Not even a note. And I was pregnant. It was so horrible. I had no one to share the news with, except my mom. But my mom was away. I was svared, and lonely, until I actually saw her. My little Aryia. Her hair is naturally blonde, like mine, but her eyes were as blue as the ocean. They were his eyes. And she reminds me of him. The only thing of mine she has os her hair. Oyherwise she looks just like him. She is my little Aryia Horan.


9. Eight


I was making breakfast for Aryia when Niall came. I swear, I could see him floating through the air, following the scent. 

"Bacon and eggs." I said, reading his mind. I set three plates on the table, one for Niall, Aryia and me. "I knew I should make extras." I said, loading bacon and eggs on each plate. I walked over to Aryia, who was playing with her dolls.

"Mommy, daddy is nice." She said, sitting on a booster seat.

"How about you tell that to daddy?" I said.

"Daddy, is nice." She said before stuffing the food in her mouth. Niall did it at the exact same time, making them look so alike.

"You know she takes after you, right?" I ask, sitting down to eat.

"I've never noticed. But she does have your hair." He said, playing with my pony tail. 

"Hands off the hair." I said. So he started poking me.

"You lose a finger in five... four..." I started.

"Wait, what? I need my fingers!" He answered pulling away.

"Good. Then no more poking?" I asked, smiling.

"Yes, mother." He joked.

"She not your mommy. She my mommy, daddy." Aryia chimed in. We both laughed as she said this. Aryia looked at both of us, then said, "Mommy, I ate all my food." She was serious. I put more on her plate. As soon as the first peice of bacon touched the plate, she was stuffing her mouth.

"Don't I get more?" Niall asked holding his plate out.

"One sec." I replied, grabbing the pan away from Aryia. "Baby girl, your food is on your plate!"

"But I want more!" She said, stomping her foot.

"Your daddy gets his first." I replied putting some eggs on his plate. I gave Aryia the lastpeice of bacon. Niall didn't mind.

"So," I start, talking to Niall. "Will you be joining us for a delightful dinner?" I was washing my hands, nwhen Aryia came up and said, "Nandos for dinner, mommy?"

"Sure." I said.

"I'm in." Niall added.

"Meet me here at ohh... let's say, five?" I said.

"Okay." He replied. and he was out the door.


I came to her house at five. I couldn't beleive it! Nandos! I rang the door bell. Aryia came and opened it. 

"Your getting to be a big girl, huh?" I asked. 

"Yahuh. " she answered. "Daddy, can I stay with you, and Wiam, and Oouis, and Arry, and Zayn?" She asked.

"How did you remember names?" I asked, surprised.

"Oouis told me." She answered.

"We'll ask your mommy. But I'll have to call the guys." I answered. Airriana came out.

"Hey, could Aryia stay over tonight?" I asked, hopefully.

"Umm... sure." She said. I called the guys and they said it was fine!

                                      *Niall after Nandos*

I arrived and opened the door. The diaper bag was tugging on my shoulder. Louis came running to greet us. 

"Where is the cute little Ariya?" He asked. Aryia came in through the door. Louis engulfed her with a hug. "How 'bout we go play?" He asked.

"Kay kay!" Aryia said, running after Louis.

"Louis!" I called, throwing some toys at him. "Think fast!"

"Toys... Attacking... Go on... without me!" Louis said, clutching his chest. Aryia started laughing. Louis got up. He was pretending to be serious. 

"Toys attack and you laugh? Well, I don't think your prepared for the... LOUIS MONSTER!" Louis started chasing Aryia around. Harry came out and got in the way of the chase. Not a good idea.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked, helping him up.

"What. Was. That?" Harry asked, after regaining his balance. Liam had just walked out.

"Caution; Louis is chasing Aryia." I said, trying not to laugh. "Where's Zayn?" I asked.

"Perrie." Both Harry and Liam replied.

"'Course." I muttered to myself. "Movie ideas?" 

"Toy Story!" Liam shouted.

"No." Harry answered.

"Remember,  kid friendly. " I chimed in.

"Toy Story it is." Harry replied.

"Yes! Louis! Toy Story!" Liam yelled, as Louis ran onto the couch. Aryia was trailing behind him. My one comment; My life keeps getting better and better.



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