Poems Of Your Life.

These poems probably describes your darkest, saddest and hidden feelings... I dare you to read and find out If I'm right or not..


1. Black And Grey

I look myself in the mirror but see nothing

I look at my hands but they're fading

I feel like i'm wearing a scarf around my eyes

Seeing only darkness, I try to feel the things around me like a blind person, but I'm numb.

Can't see, can't feel

The only thing I'm aware of is the darkness.


Why isn't black a part of the rainbow?

Why do you only use black in horror movies?

Why do you tell me to turn the light on in the darkness?

Why don't you see the black like I do?

Why can't you be a prisoner in the darkness like I am?

the only thing I'm aware of is darkness, fool.


You try to show me the world you call the shining diamond

You come and cry to me when you're at the edge of this building called life

Don't come crying cause I'll be the one shoving you till you fall down

I don't get scared, I don't know the word called fear

This is a warning, get away

I warn you once more get A.W.A.Y

I'll be left alone anyways...

The only thing I'm aware of is the darkness, bastard.


I tell you to keep your distance because I'm scary

Truth is I'm the one scared

A ball of darkness haunt me every second of the day, and I'm scared

I live two days in one day

Wanna run away but can't see the light at the end of this dark road

I look through the map, all the roads are called after you and ends up all at the same place

No ending, no starting

Everything's so...

Everyone's so...


The only thing I'm aware of is the darkness.




Authors note:

Thanxx for reading. Please comment your thoughts and if you think I should upload another poem. Thank you once again :D xxx



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