How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


23. Trapping time

'Where did-'

Before he could complete his sentence I quickly put tap around his mouth and pushed him down to the floor. I saw him still enjoying the moment, and he was still holding my freaking waist! He wouldn't give up would he?? I then turned him over and, like lighting, quickly tied his hands together and his ankles. But then he began to fight back and lose the rope and that's when I saw Niall jump up from underneath the bed.

'Good work princess!' He kissed my cheek and sat on Harry. He couldn't move now! Niall helped me tie him up more secure and then...we both stood back, watching him roll over.

'We did it!' We both said high fiving each other.

Harry looked confused and angry. Oh oh..........

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