How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


4. The end of the prom

I got up still blushing. I can't believe that I was with him for the prom! Niall! My dream date! We danced for hours not caring about anyone else, even my friends came over to me but then left us together. This was the best prom ever! He was perfect in every way! His eyes, his accent, his blonde hair, his bow tie matching with my dress and of course his red pumps! He was a little cutie in that! Then the DJ told us it was the end of the prom and everyone was sobbing and crying while getting into there transports but Niall didn't go back in a limo or hummer or anything like that! He has his own car! A bright red Farrari! Whoah!

'Niall I love your car! You... drive?'

'Yeah course! And reds my favourite colour too. That's why I'm wearing my red bow and pumps.'

I giggled as he looked at my dress which was also bright red. It sparkled in the moonlight.

'Well, I should get going Niall...thank you for tonight! I've loved every minute!'

I walked away until his hand reached out towards mine.

'That's my goodbye from my princess?'

'Your... princess?'

'Jade...will you be my girlfriend? I know its quick but I've never met a girl like you before!'

He held my waist with both his hands looking at me with his blue puppy eyes. Di...did I dreaming???????


I stunned. He saw me and got something out of his trouseres pocket. A pen and a ripped piece of paper.

'Do you want my number instead beautiful?'


I said with a smile. My friends were all in the hummer and the driver was just waiting for me. I then heard him call out to me.

'Excuse me miss, but are you attending the ride?'


I turned my head to him then to Niall. He handed me the piece of paper and shouted back to the driver.

'It's ok, you can go!'

He gave a nod and drove off with some of my friends looking out the window looking at us and giggling. I knew what they were thinking...


'I'll drive you home, don't worry!'

'Oh Niall that's really sweet of you but-'

''s fine honestly! But you'll have to direct me where you live!'

He said smiling, taking my hand and opening the car door. I sinked into the warm smooth leather seat. He must have been rich to get this!

'So...when did you get the car Niall?'

'Oh this piece of fire? Well, I got her a few months ago. My parents gave some money to me for my birthday!'

He said starting the engine and driving slowly down the gates.


I said raising my eyebrows.

'Yeah...haven't thought of a name for her yet.'

' about Flame or Spice? Something fast and furious!'

He gave me a smile and laughed.

'I know now.'

'What's her name then?'

he didn't say anything. I giggled.

'Niall! Tell me!' 'Never in your wildest dreams!!!'

He started to sing.


He left me amazed with my mouth wide open.

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