How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


9. The date

After walking for a few minutes, we both stopped and he came close and whispered in my ear.

' can take it off now...'

I giggled taking it off. As I opened my eyes I saw the most exquisite, most romantic thing ever!


I heard Niall behind me. I spun around to him, staring into his crystal eyes.

'This...this is just...the most romantic thing, anyone's done for me...thank you so much...'

Tears were forming in my eyes but Niall soon got rid of them with a long warm hug.

'Shall we?'

He said taking my hand and walking over to the blanket. We both sat down as the warm wind blew my hair gently into the air. I looked out to the sight of the ocean, making small waves until it reached the beach. Looking around, no one else was here. Niall saw me admiring the view and placed a large basket onto the blanket me and Niall were sitting on.

'Romantic dinner for two?'

He smiled, taking out two glasses and a bottle of champane. I gasped as he poured some into my glass and handed it to me. I gave him a huge smile.

' like it?'

'Niall, I love it! Thank you so much! I wasn't expecting anything like it!'

I said hugging him.

'Princess...this is only the start of the journey...'

He whispered to me. I leaned off him with a confused face.

'Wait...what do you mean? There's more?!'

' deserve it. You're all mine and I want to show the world one day...' He said giving me a kiss...

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