How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


33. Tattoo

I loved Niall for what he done for me. He got a tattoo for me. Me. I've always wanted to get a tattoo with him but...when that...incident happened...yeah. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to get a matching tattoo and I knew exactly where and how I wanted it. Ever since I saw it, I've been planing about mine. Every time we snuggled up in bed, I would stare at it with a huge smile. But...I didn't know if it should be a surprise or not. I know I've got my other one on my ankle but that was ages ago. Should he come with me to be there with me? For me? Or should I go alone? This was staying in my head for ages. More and more days past. I wanted the tattoo badly. 

*two weeks later*

*lying in bed*

'Morning beautiful.' He said store aching his arms in the air as the sun shone into the room.

'Good morning Nialler.' I said sleepily kissing his cheek.

'Um...Nie? Can I ask you something?'

He put his arms down and wrapped them against my waist.

'Anything for you.' He whispered kissing the tip of my nose.

'Okay...well um...I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and...I've made my decision. 

He looked at me confused. His right eyebrow went up and the other went a little down. It made me laugh.

'Niall I'm being serious!' I tried to say inbetween laughs.

'Okay, okay!' He said passionately kissing me.


'Princess?' His once delicate smile swiped his face and turned into sadness. 'Is everything alright?'

'Nie...I've been know you got that tattoo? Well...I want to get a matching one too. I want to show you that I love you and people can see that.'

'Babe everyone knows us! We've been together since forever! You don't have to do this.'

'I want to. Remember when we wanted to get matching tattoos? I feel like it now. I want this. And I wanted to ask you if...if you will come with me to have it...'

'Princess...I would love to be there for you.'

'Thank you Nie! I love you!' I shouted jumping on top of him.

'A feisty girl you are!'

'You haven't seen my feisty side yet...' I said leaning in to kiss him.

The next second I felt a soft hit on the side of my face.


'PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Niall shouted hitting me again.

'Hey that's not fair! (Giggles). I haven't got a pillow!' I said laughing.

'Well then...I'll just have to tackle you to the floor then!' He said running over to me.

'Wait what! (Screams)' I screamed as he grabbed me and kissed me hard until I fell to the ground. 




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