How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


36. Seeing harry 2

Niall ran with me in his arms around a block with loads of screaming fans behind. Then, suddenly, he turned left, leaving me looking behind and no one there, then he turned left again, leaving the fans screaming past as they looked down the alley way, going to a dead end. Me and Niall hid in the dark, so they couldn't see us while they walked back home.

'That was a lucky escape!' Niall said out of breath.

' know some of them were crying when...they lost sight of you...don't you think that's a bit...'

'Look...if they caught up with us...especially that lot, they probably would have ripped me to pieces! Oh! Where's Paul when you need him??'

'Nie...I mean...if I was one of those fans, who wouldn't rip you to pieces?? You're hot!'

'Come here you!' He gave me light tickles around my neck, so gente so he wouldn't hurt my new tattoo.


'Hey! Thought I heard you guys!'


Oh no. Not him. Why. And how? How did he find us? Why was he here?


'Jade, we haven't spoke in ages!'


'Why are YOU here, Harry?' Niall hissed at him, holding me tight.

'Calm down mate!'

'Don't tell ME to calm down! And I'm NOT YOUR MATE.' Niall hissed at him again as he lead me out of the alley way...Harry trailing on behind us.

I looked behind as Niall held my hand tightly. Harry winked at me, making me flinch.

'Common princess let's just go home.' Niall said quietly to me as I nodded, agreeing.

I turned around once more to see Harry getting into his Range Rover but before opening the door he shouted back to us, making Niall stop.

'Remember babe, you owe me!'

That's all he said, and drove off leaving us getting into Nialls Range Rover.

'That prick.' I could see that Niall just wanted to scream out loud, but he held it all in.


'Who that hell does he call mate?! And you call his babe?! I bloody hate him!'




We got back, leaving Niall slamming the front door shut and jumping on to the sofa, checking his phone as I followed him.

'Oh! Shit!' Niall said shaking his head as a message came up on his mobile.

'What's wrong Nie?' I said quietly, coming closer to him.

'Just got a call from Simon saying that I should be at the One Direction Meeting for a new album, right now...'

'Wow! That's great!...isn't it?' 

Niall stared blankly at the screen and sent a message.

'Jade? Do you honestly want One Direction to carry on? Like the tours and everything?' He held my hand.

'Well...why wouldn't I? Your the best boyband in the world with thousands of adored fans! You have an amazing voice and the best life! What more could you ask for?'

'I could ask for you, a beginning of a family.'

' too!' We embraced into another hug but then Niall pulled away.




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