How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


53. Not coming back

Nialls p.o.v

Ok that was it! I've had enough of this fucking queue! I wanted to get back for Jade! The queue wasn't going down anytime soon, so I got my phone out of my pocket, smiling at the lock screen. It was her, playing my guitar I gave to her. She had special talent that she didn't even know. me. She knew she couldn't play, but I loved her, trying to concentrate and play the right was adorable! I entered my pass code and went into dial as I called her mobile. It kept ringing and ringing. Why wasn't she answering?

Jades p.o.v

I felt my phone rigging in my small handbag as me and Harry walked to the car door.

'Can I answer it?'

'Fine by me.' I gave a  nod and placed it on loud speaker as we got into his car.


'Hey babe! Are you feeling any better?' I gave Harry a stare, telling him to not start the cars engine, otherwise Niall would hear.

'Um...a little.'

'Aren't you going to ask me why I'm taking so long?'

'Um...well I had a sleep.'

'Ah right! Anyway, still stuck in this stupid queue! I'll be back as soon as possible!' I covered up my phone so Niall wouldn't be able to hear me.

'What can I do now?!' I whispered to Harry.

'Hm...I know what. Get off the phone to Niall.' He whispered back. I gave a  confused nod, but I was told what to do.

'Um...Niall? I better go...'

'Awh why? Can't you play the guitar in the background?'

'Niall I can't play it! It's too difficult! And I'm tired!' 

'Okay babe, go and have your sleep. I'll be back as soon as the traffic gets moving. Bye babe!'

'Bye.' I quickly ended the call before looking at Harry in anger.

'What were you thinking?! Now what?' I placed my phone back into my bag.

'Look, I'll explain when we get there.' He turned on the engine and reversed out of the crowd. It must be so annoying to get this. Paps and everything. I mean, it's not like me and Niall get them, we do, but our house has like a mini road so leading to our house, the gate at the front of the road so it's not that bad. The whole journey was silent. He entered the pin code for my gate and drove down the road before driving beside the house, turning the engine off.

'W-why are we here? Niall will see you!'

'No he won't. I'll make sure.' He got out and I followed him into mine and Nialls house.

'Okay, Jade to make sure he doesn't come back, we will stay here. It's too risky for my house.'

'How is this better?!'

'Trust me. You would if you were mine.' I showed a nod. Fine.

' what?'

'Lets get started on the guitar. I want you to be able to play a song for me.'

I just laughed at his comment.

'What? Niall would be proud. So would I.' He got my guitar Niall gave me from the sofa and handed it to me.'

'Harry I can't play...'

'Sure you can. It's easy.'

'For you...' I said under my breath. He heard me.

'Babe, when...when Niall started teaching me, I wanted to give up but Niall never gave up on me. That's when I could play. I become better and better. Please, I'll teach you. I'm just surprised Niall never told you...'

' Fine. You can teach me.'

'Okay so firstly hold the guitar-'

'I think I know how to hold it Harry.' I giggled as I sat down in his lap as he put his arms around me and the guitar.

'Firstly...' He stopped. I turned around my head and saw Harry staring into my eyes. ' place your left hand like this...' He gently lifted up my left hand with his and placed it on to the guitar strings. His chin was on my shoulder, as he watched what he was doing. I could stop giggling.

'Why are you giggling?' He chuckled, showing his dimples.

'You're tickling me!'

'How am I tickling you? I've got my arms around you! How is that tickling?'

'Harry I'm ticklish! Aren't you?'

'No...I don't get people who are. It's weird.'

'Oh yeah?'


'Thats basically signing a certificate saying you are Harry!'

'No I'm not! Try me!' I tickled him around his neck but he did nothing. I tried tickling his chest but nothing happened.

'You want to see what underneath?' I stopped tickling him and had my hands on his chest as he was speaking.

'I-I'm fine. Let's get back to-'

'I know you would girl.' He winked, making me flinch. 'Are you still scared of me? Babe I'm holding you and your guitar Niall gave you! Don't you trust me?'

'Of course I don't. Not after you tried to break me and Niall up. It takes seconds Harry, seconds of loosing trust and a life time to earn it back.'

'So I need to earn it? Bring it on.'

'You really think you can?'

'I promise to you that by the end of the day, you'll trust me more than Niall.'

'Bring it on then. Let's see you work.'



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