How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


29. Niall...oh no

He pulled back a few minutes later, leaving me speechless. Wait...what was I doing??

'What am I doing??' I whispered, he was so close to me. Our cheeks were almost touching.

'What do you mean?' He said still close to me.

'Oh no.'

'What's wrong beautiful?' 

Through the blinds and window of my room, was a person standing there. Niall. I don't know how long he was standing there. I was dead now.


He turned round to see him as well.

'Harry you need to go.' I said firmly.

'I said I'm not going anywhere.'

'Harry!Go...I need to speak with him...' I said now looking away, and I laid back down on my bed.

He stood up and gave one last smile before he left the room. I saw Niall look at him and Harry look back. They didn't say anything. Harry just turned and walked the other direction. Then Niall slowly walked in...shut the door...and slowly sat down staring at the ground.

'You alright?' He said sharply.

'Yeah...' I said, sinking into the bed.

'H-how did you find out i was in hospital?' I knew his heart was broke...i could tell.

'Why would you care, Jade?' He said my name like it was poison.

'Niall he saved my life! I would be dead now if it wasn't for him!'

'I know...and i appreciate that but...did i just see that? Honestly? He was about THAT close to your face!'

Wait...that means...he didn't see us kiss! He only saw that part! Oh THANK GOD!

'Niall nothing happened! He was just whispering to me...that's all...he told he saved my life and I owe him and that...yeah.' I said sitting up.

He gave a sigh and looked at me. Niall then sat on my bed and really looked me in the eye.

' you love me? I just think you don't anymore...'

'Of course I do! I love you with all my heart! I would die for you! Jump off a bloody...cliff...' Tears came into my eyes. I didn't want to let him go. Not again.

'Jade? I need to ask you something...or show you something.'

'Anything Nialler! Anything!'

'Ok...i know it's not really the most romantic place for this and it's been a hard  time for both of us. I love you. Since the prom when we were only 16. I'll never stop loving you...ever! But...(sighs) I don't know...'

'Niall...' I was in tears...

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