How Could I Decide?

I want to be with you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day or your life. I want to tell you if only I had the courage...and I don't know if you feel the same. But all I know is that I'm going to be your Mrs. It's my mission, goal and journey I'm willing to accept.


51. Careful

Jades p.o.v

'Um..hey.' I said as Harry stood in front of eyes as I opened the front door.

'Hey babe. You ready?'

'Yeah let's go.' I put my phone into my small handbag, closeting the door and fast walking to Harrys land rover.

'Someone's eager.' He chuckled as he shut the car door behind him.

'I'm...I...just don't want to get caught. Could you hurry up?' I asked looking out the window, hoping not to see Niall. If I saw him now...I don't even have an explanation. I knows he's going to fucking fuming when I come back. But at least I have all day to think about one.

'Alright good girl! Alright!' He started the engine and reversed into the road before turning round and driving along.

'Humph! I'm a good girl now? iPod i was a goody to shoes I wouldn't be doing this!' Why did I even agree to this?? I was starting to regret every second.

'Fine. Fine. Bad girl.' He turned into his drive, entering his code as the car approached the silver pin on the huge gate. I saw paparazzi trying to get a good shot.

'Harry...the paparazzi! Nialls going to find out!' I said, as my head was stuck by the flashing cameras.

'Fuck. Quickly, get I to the back NOW.' He took my seat belt off and pushed me into the passenger seats in the back, slapping my butt as I fell on to the soft seats.

'HARRY!' I squealed.

I then felt the force of his car move forward as the gate closed behind us.

'Sorry about them love. They just want something for the newspaper.'

'Harry they easily took pictures of us! No chance now! I'm going home!'

'Oh no you're not. And they didn't see you.'

'Oh please Harry. I've heard-'

'No listen. This car has black glass. It's a new touch. Only celebs know about it. Paparazzi think they have the pictures but they have a reflection of themselves. Good aye?'

'Um...yeah good.' I don't know if he was lying or not. But I just forgot the paps for now. 'S-so what are we going to do?'

' looks like you're cosy in the back there...'

'No...Harry...' He pulled the car I to the garage and then the red painted garage door slowly I saw the paps and people walking away.

'What?' He smirked as he came into the back with me.

'Please don't. I didn't deal to this...' I flinched back.

'My deal was to spend one day and night with me. No rules aye?' I was a complete fucking fool! What didn't I think of that?! No! I was too bloody busy trying to get Niall out of the bloody house!

'But Harry-'

'Common, let's go inside.' He grabbed my hand as we both slid out the car door. 'Close sesame.' He said. The car door solely closed. My eyes lit open with shock.

'Open door.' He smiled, seeing my reaction. Then...the side door leading us into the house opened slowly. He was this rich?? was Niall...

'You like it?' He smiled again, as we walked into the kitchen. 

'Yeah.' All the words I could find was a yeah.

'Doesn't Niall have it? In your house?' 


'Missing out babe.' I gave a hesitant nod. 'So...I've got tonight all planned out for us.' He smiled, staring into my eyes. Oh, I knew exactly what he meant.


'What would you like throughout the day? Sorry, I didn't plan anything but, this would be like this if you were with me. Together. I'd just ask my girlfriend why they want to do, unless if I was going somewhere important or something.'

'Um...I don't mind.'

' about bowling, cinema, laser quest, theme park-'

'Um...cinema sounds good...' I didn't want him to name anything else. I knew where the list stopped. And I'm not risking him saying it. Otherwise he'll just say that's what we'll do.

'Sure babe! What would you like to watch?'

'I don't mind...'

'Wow, you're not very....deciding are you? How does Niall cope aye?' He chuckled making me have goose bumps.

'I...I'm just...nervous...'

'Of what? Jade, you're safe around me! I hate you being scared of me! Please...I want it to be a perfect day...'

'Okay! Okay I'm sorry!' I walked into the what-so-called-to-be lounge.

' I'm sorry come back.' He walked slowly to me, cupping my face as he reached me. 'Here...shall we go now? I don't want to wast time...'

'Okay...' I whispered.

'I promise, this will be the day you'll never forget.'

'Okay...' I said as he lightly smiled at me and took a look at my lips, before securing his eyes at mine again. I closed my eyes, not wanting what I was going to get. He slowly kissed me as I slowly, painfully, no joy, kissed him back. 

'Let's go...' He whispered as he leaned out, a couple of inches away from me. His warm mint breath tickling me as he spoke.

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