Life is Full of Decisions

This story is about how a lonely girl who lived in Mulligar, Ireland and how she lost everything so she could live her dream but gained something she would never expected. She never really new of One Direction but will fans and an unexpected natural disaster bring them together and what will happen when they are brought together new relationships, life changing decisions and maybe deaths.

Hope you enjoy.

“A dream is only a dream.. until you decide to make it real”



1. Unlocked Door

*Victoria's P.O.V* 

"Today is Sunday, and I thus declare it lazy day," I stated out loud to nobody in particular considering I am a twenty year old girl living all by myself in an apartment in Mullingar, Ireland halfway across the world from all my friends and family. 

"I'm so lonely," I mumble sadly to myself as I walk down the stairs into the living room so I could watch T.V on my day off oh I know so productive but today is a day that is filled with no work besides making food for myself and I.  

"Holy mother of shit, who the hell are you people," I yell as I notice five teenagers ducking down to hide behind my couch. 

"Um, you don't recognize us," a curly haired one with dimples and really curly hair said with a very shocked expression. 

"Yea I do, that's why I just asked who the hell you were, dummies what do you think you are world famous," I say mumbling the last part to myself. 

"Actually we are world famous for your information, missy," one said all sassily. 

"Shut up Lou, what if she kicks us out then we will have a huge problem," one said who had a buzz cut. 

"Or call the cops because I still don't know who you are," I said taking my phone out of my gym shorts and waving it around. 

"No, don't do that," they all screamed in unison with a mix of terrified and shocked expressions. 

"That was hilarious how you said that together and your expressions," I say bursting out laughing. 

"No it wasn't," one who had black hair said with annoyance clear in his voice. 

"Oh but it was," I say with a smirk playing on my lips 

"Okay anyway I'm Liam Payne," the one who had a buzz cut. 

"I'm Harry and I'm staying at the hotel across town come by sometime soon," the one with dimples and green eyes said cheekily with a smirk and a wink. 

"And I'm staying in your dreams," I said with a smirk as his smirk turned into a shocked expression. 

"Oh my god his face was priceless," the one with black hair said bursting out laughing. 

"A girl that can resist his charm, finally," one who had blond hair said with all out seriousness before he too started laughing hysterically. 

"That was pretty good," Liam said chuckling.  

"Okay, on with the names please," I say with a slight chuckle. 

"I'm Niall," the one with blond hair said with an obvious Irish accent. 

"I'm the one and only Louis Tommo Tomlinson at your service," he said overdramatically with a bow at the end. 

"You're very dramatic aren't you," I say suppressing a laugh at his response. 

"Yes as I am the Swag mastah from Doncastah,"  Louis said in all out seriousness. 


"And I'm Zayn," the one with black hair stated chuckling and shaking his head at Louis's statement. 

"Okay, by the way I'm Victoria, so when are you guys are leaving when," I said with a small smile. 

"Never," Louis shouted 

"In a week," Niall said 

"We actually have no clue when we really are going to leave," Liam said while he rolled his eyes at the other two boys. 

"I'm going to make some pancakes who wants some," 

"Hell yea," Louis and Niall said at the same time. 

"Yes," Zayn said excitedly. 

"Sure why not," Liam said grinning. 

"Oh my god first we get stuck in house with a pretty lady, know we find out the pretty lady knows how to cook, what's next her kn-," Harry starts before I cut him off. 

"This pretty lady knows kickboxing and can bench 120 pounds," I say grinning at his failed attempts of flirting with me. 

"She is now my favorite girl in the world," Niall said laughing at Harry's scared expression. 

"How many pancakes do you guys want," I say changing the subject. 

"Six please," Niall yelled. 

"Niall," Liam hissed 

"What I said please," Niall whined 

"Don't worry Liam I'm used to it," I said waving it off. 

"How," they all said in unison except Niall who was just grinning like the joker. 

"My brother, his friends and the boys I used to hang with back home," I said sadly because I haven't seen them for a little over two years. 

"You okay," Zayn said noticing my sadness. 

"Yea I'm fine why," 

"You looked sad while you said that," he said furrowing his eyebrows at me. 

"I perfectly fine," 

"No you're not," 




"Yes I am," I said firmly 

"No," he said back just as firmly looking me straight in the eye. 

"Zayn I'm fine trust me," I said shaking my head not wanting to talk about it. 

"No you're not Victoria just give up your freaking tough guy act and tell me what's wrong," He says frustrated at my stubbornness as he takes a step closer to me from his position. 

"How many pancakes do you guys want," I said to the other boys who were just standing there awkwardly staring at us while we had are little argument. 

"Hey I wa-," 

"I'll have 5 please," Liam says cutting Zayn off as he shots him a glare to back off. 

"Me too," Harry says 

"Me three," Louis says 

"Me too I guess," Zayn grumbles pissed off. 

"I guess I making 30 pancakes, fatties," I say joking around with them. 

"We are not fatties if we were we wouldn't have six packs," Niall said sticking his tongue out. "See we have six packs," Niall says lifting his shirt up. 

"No I can't because all of you are still behind my couch," I say with raised eyebrows. 

"Oh yea," they all mumble in unison. 

"So get out from back there," I say laughing at their silliness. As they go to climb over Niall slips making all of them tumble head first over the front of the couch landing on top of each other. 

"That hurt," they all groaned in pain. 

"Get up you big babies,"  

"We are not babies," Liam whines. 

"Sure you're not, so Niall prove you're not fatties," I say shaking my head at the five boys who were still in a big pile on the floor. 

"See," he says standing picking up his shirt. 

"Not bad, not bad but you are still a fatty," I say sticking my tongue out at him. 

"Whatever," he snorts crossing his arms. 

"Time to make pancakes, who's ready for some breakfast," I say clapping my hands together looking down at the 4 boys that still were on my floor. 

"I am, I am," Niall says jumping up and down with excitement. 

"Okay then, get your friends off the floor and to the kitchen while I start the pancakes," I say to Niall as I walk to the kitchen which was at the end of the hallway. 

"Come on Lou get your lazy butt up," I heard Niall yell/whine for the umpteenth time, all the other boys where in the kitchen watching me cook the pancakes while Niall was trying to get Louis to move from the floor. 

"Never," I heard Louis yell back at Niall. 

"Louis I won't make you pancakes if you don't come in here," I yell to him as I finish up the pancakes. 

"Coming," I hear him yell. Then I hear a loud thud and some running steps that I soon figured out were Louis's.  

"I will make you pay for that Louis," I hear Niall yell as I hear his running footsteps coming towards the kitchen. 

"Niall you can make him pay after breakfast," I say to him as he runs into the kitchen looking for Louis who was hiding underneath the table holding onto Harry's legs like his life depended on it. 

"Okay," he says cheerfully as he slides into a seat at the table. As I get all the plates from the cabinet Louis comes out from underneath the table and sits by Harry. 

"6 for you,"  

"5 for you," 

"5 for you," 

"5 for you," 

"And 5 for you," I say to them as I pass them their pancakes with forks and knifes. 

"The syrup is in the fridge," I say as I throw the other4 pancakes onto my own plate. 

"I'll get it," Liam says as he walks over to the fridge and pulls out the bottle of syrup. 

"So how did you guys actually get in my house," I said still not knowing. 

"The door was unlocked, duh," Louis says in a duh tone. 

"Just eat your pancakes Lou," I say smiling and shaking my head at his sassiness. 

"What if I'm full," He shots back. 

"Give them to Niall then," I shot back at him. 

"Yea give them to me," Niall says with his mouth full. 

"Never mind," Louis mumbles defeated 

"Are you ever full Niall," Liam says staring at Niall with wonder. 

"The world may never know," Harry says mysteriously. 

"So you are going to tell us why you were sad earlier," Zayn says to me looking up from his pancakes. 

"Nope," I say popping the "P". 

"So you admit something was wrong,"  

"Shit," I mumble. 

"Know you have to tell us," Zayn says going back to eating his pancakes. 

"Fine if you have to know here it is, I live in Ireland halfway across the world from all my friends and family, I'm very anti-social so even though I leaved here for two years I still have no friends and the friends I left behind we were really close their names were Tim and Taj, the family was really only my older brother David the rest of my family I don't really miss. Also I haven't talked to any of them since I left because they were pissed that I was moving to Ireland possible permanently, happy," I snap at him pushing up from the table and walking out of the kitchen. 

"When you're done put your plates in the sink and show yourself to the T.V. room, I'll be in my room call if you need me," I say stopping at the door way not even bothering to look back because I was already in tears and ducking my head I continued down the hall to my room the only other room besides the T.V. room, the bathroom and obviously the kitchen.

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              "Be true to who you are!"


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