Life is Full of Decisions

This story is about how a lonely girl who lived in Mulligar, Ireland and how she lost everything so she could live her dream but gained something she would never expected. She never really new of One Direction but will fans and an unexpected natural disaster bring them together and what will happen when they are brought together new relationships, life changing decisions and maybe deaths.

Hope you enjoy.

“A dream is only a dream.. until you decide to make it real”



4. Riding in a Snow Storm

        Me and Zayn ran down the wide sidewalk as fast as we could but due to the fact we weren't in the best running shape and the blizzard was working against us we only go half way there which was a quarter of a mile.

"Victoria are we... almost there." Zayn says between gasps of air.

"We are... about halfway...there," I say gasping for air between words like Zayn.

We start running again after we catch our breaths.

BANG "Ow shit that hurt," Zayn yelled falling to the ground because he ran into a lamp post.

"Dumb ass," I say falling to the ground with laughter.

"It's not funny," He whines rubbing his head and standing up.

""You're right it's not funny, it's freaking hilarious," I say bursting into laughter again at the whiny boy but managed to stay on my feet this time.

"Shut up and start walking or we are never going to get there," he grumbles annoyed.

"Okay you big baby," I chuckle.

                                                        ~5 minutes later~

"We're here," I say pointing to a dark building.

"Finally I thought we would would never get there," he whines. I shake my head at his silliness.

"It only took us like ten minutes to get here," I laugh bumping shoulder's with the tired boy.

"Yea, ten minutes of walking blindly in a FREAKING BLIZZARD," He says raising his voice at the end.

"Oh my poor little baby," I say in a baby voice trying to get Zayn to smile.

"Let's just get this over with,"he sighs with a small smile tugging at his lips as he rolls his eyes at me.

"You smiled!" I exclaimed pointing at him as another smile lights up his face no longer hiding. "Okay time to get serious lets go find my boss," I say slightly more serious but still smiling hugely.

"Okay where is this guy at," he said said all gangster like.

"I don't know but we got to find my him my homie," I say playing along but failing as a burst out laughing, it echoing through the barn.

"Victoria...Is that you," my boss calls out from a stall down the aisle, which I think was Amir's stall.

"Yea it is Paul," I yell to him as I drag Zayn down to were I think the voice is coming from.

"I'm in Amir's stall by the way," he shouts.

"Okay coming," I say even though I already figured out were he was.

"So Paul this is Zayn, Zayn this is Paul," I say introducing them.

"Um, Hi," Zayn says sticking his hand out.

"Who the hell is he Victoria," Paul yelled, ignoring Zayn's handshake and glaring at me instead.

"Um I'm right here you know that right," Zayn says waving at my boss sarcastically.

"Shut up Zac," Paul says getting Zayn's name wrong

"It's Zayn," Zayn says matter-of-factly.(A/N see what I did there, did you,) 

"Don't care, Victoria answer my question now," He growls.

"He's my friend," I say lowly through clenched teeth, trying not to snap at him.

"And what is he doing here," he replies in the same tone I did.

"Hes's riding Amir back, while I ride Larry... or is that a problem and you want me to magically lead both horses back to the barn," I say with a sassily (Is that even a word, I made a word.. I think)

"Fine but if he gets hurt it's your fault," he sighs knowing he lost.

"What else is new," I mumble before saying, "Is Amir ready,"

"Yea there is a lead rope on the horn cause Larry still as his halter on,"

"Okay we will be back once we find him,"

"See you soon," he says walking towards his house or at least where it should be I couldn't see more than a few feet out side.

"Come on Zayn," I say to Zayn leading Amir out of his stall and out of the huge barn. Once we get outside I hop up and teach Zayn how to join me. After many fails and tumbles he is finally on Amir.

 "So what now Vic," Zayn says resting his hands on his thighs.

"Well you're going to want to hold on silly," I say giggling. Wait what me giggle no, no, no what is happening to me mental checking my forehead for a fever.

"Where," he asks dumbly.

"Around my waist," I say in a duh tone. 'Oh,' Zayn mumbles wrapping his arms around my waist and resting is head on my back. I give Amir a slight nudge, to get him to walk on and we are off, a few minutes later once we are on a well known trail I kick Amir into a canter (It doesn't hurt the horse). As we start cantering Zayn's arms tighten around my waist and he buries his face deeper into my neck to avoid the chilling snow that now was pelting me in the face making me basically blind.

After ten minutes of riding Zayn shouts"Vic is that Larry over there," he was pointing at a big brown figure that was under a few dense pine trees.

"Easy Mir," I say pulling on the reins to stop him. Once Amir stopped I jumped off grabbing the lead rope and started gently walking towards the nervous horse.

"Hey pretty boy," I call out softly."It's only me," I say as he perks his ears towards the sound of my voice and carefully walking towards me like he was afraid I might hurt him. Once he reached me I gently grabbed at his halter, clipping the lead rope on and gently stroking his face to calm him.

"C-c-come on V-v-victoria it's c-cold out here and t-t-the snow is p-p-picking up," Zayn stutters his teeth clattering together as he talked.

"Aye-aye captain," I say jokingly hopping up on Larry quickly before he could react. He bolted off a little bit before I slowed him down and turned him back towards Zayn.'

                                                                        ~Zayn's P.O.V~

She hopped on Larry like he was two feet tall and he ran off but she didn't even flinch! I was just sitting here freezing on top of this beast waiting for Victoria to come back which hopefully was soon it was freaking cold out here. 

"Zayn are you okay," Victoria said startling me out of my thoughts.

"Y-yea just re-really cold," I say moving to where Victoria was sitting on Amir.

"Okay stay close to me, if you ever can't s-see me yell out," she says as she begins to shiver.

"Got it,"

"Lets go then," She says clucking her tongue getting Larry to walk, I try to do the same but Amir just stands there like he was frozen in place.

"Victoria," I yell scared because I lost sight of her in the swirling snow.

"Whoa Larry," I hear Victoria shout in the distance. "Easy boy, It's okay," She yells panicked.

"Vic are you all right," I yell scared at the fact she was panicking.

"RUN ZAYN, GET OUT OF HERE!" She yells as I hear thundering hoof beats start coming towards me. Unsure on what to do I just whipped Amir around and gave him a hard kick and he started running blindly into the snow, the snow was whipping at my face and bare hands as I clutched onto the saddle horn as Amir ran in an unknown direction, I don't even know if Victoria was following me all I could hear was Amir's thundering hoof beats and the snow flying by my ears as Amir ran god knows where.

                                                                            ~Victoria's P.O.V~

I clucked to get Larry going knowing if I gave him a kick he wouldn't be walking he would be full out galloping down the trail.

 "I hear a faint rustling of tree's and my name being called and before I could react something jumped from the tree's narrowly missing Larry and spooking him in the process.

"Whoa Larry," I yell figuring it was a stick on something like that or maybe a squirrel. But Larry didn't really seem to think so because he kept rearing and kicking out with his back feet.

"Easy boy, it's okay," I yell panicking because he wouldn't stop and I was beginning to slip off and if I fell I'm sure he would run and not even look back for half a second. But when I look around I notice what was spooking Larry and It defiantly wasn't a squirrel.

 "Vic are you all right," he yells sounding far away with the blowing wind.

"RUN ZAYN, GET OUT OF HERE!" I yell turning Larry towards Zayn's voice a giving him a hard kick and with that he was off faster than he has ever ran in his life. As Larry ran I desperately scanned the area for Amir and Zayn. Larry just ran and ran and eventually I noticed a building in the distance. Was that the barn and had Zayn already gotten there hopefully.




 Hope you enjoyed it.  In till next time my friends. 

"We don't talk anymore, and the saddest part is, we used to talk everyday."

-Kat :)

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