Life is Full of Decisions

This story is about how a lonely girl who lived in Mulligar, Ireland and how she lost everything so she could live her dream but gained something she would never expected. She never really new of One Direction but will fans and an unexpected natural disaster bring them together and what will happen when they are brought together new relationships, life changing decisions and maybe deaths.

Hope you enjoy.

“A dream is only a dream.. until you decide to make it real”



3. New Problems

*Victoria's P.O.V* 

"Can I try something," Zayn says out of the blue cupping my face interrupting a comfortable silence and before I can reply his lips are on mine soft and sweet he puts one hand on the back of my head and the other on my waist pulling me closer. He pulls back a few moments later looking into my eyes, l just stare back shocked at the fact that he kissed me. 

"Kiss me back," he mumbles before his lips are on mine again this time filled with more lust and passion. I tighten my grip on his neck drawing him closer as he moves his other hand down to my waist pulling even closer if that's even possible. He slides his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance, I deny keeping my mouth closed as he tries again getting flustered but I readily refuse teasing him. He flips me over without losing contact, he tries one more time before he grids his against mine making me moan softly taking advantage of my slightly opened mouth he slips his tongue in playing with mine. I move my arms from his neck to his chest pushing away slightly; he slowly complies resting his forehead on mine panting staring into my eyes, I stare back breathing heavily wondering what I should do or say. 

"Why," I finally mumble after a few minutes of staring at each other. 

"I re-," Zayn starts before he is interrupted by my phone ringing. 

*Don't worry about a thing cause every little thing going be alright. Singin don't worry about a thing...* 

"One sec Zayn," I say quickly before answering the phone. 

"Victoria come here quick Larry Stylinson got lose again and we can't find him," my boss says urgently. 

"Okay I'll be there in a few can you tack up a horse for me," I say pushing up on Zayn who just rolled me over so I was straddling him.  

"Okay see you soon," he answers back nervously. 

"Bye," I say pushing off of Zayn or should I say trying to. 

"Bye," he says hanging up. 

"Come Zayn get up I have to go to work," I say trying to get up but trying being the key word because he grab ahold of my waist holding me on top of him. 

"But there's literally a blizzard outside," he whines. 

"Nonetheless a horse at my job is lost and I have to find him, so let go please," I say to Zayn who was now slowly moving his hands up and down my sides.

"Fine," he says letting go of me but lingering slightly.

"Thank you now get up and lets go tell the boys,"

"Okay," he says drawing out the why a little bit and acting lazy by slowly sitting up and sliding to the end of the bed in a slow dramatic way.

"Lets go you big baby" I say over my shoulder as I walk towards the door and opening it to hear the other four boys fighting over who gets to pick the movie.

"...I wanna watch Toy Story," one of them whines

"Seriously Toy Story," me and Harry say at the same time 

"Yea problem," Liam says with some sass.

"Isn't that for I don't know children,"

"Yea and,"

"Okay... Moving on I have to go to work, and someone has to go with with me,"

"It's a blizzard out there you know that right, are you okay? Did you get enough sleep?" Louis asks with eyebrows raised putting his hand to my forehand as if I had a fever.

"I'm fine and yes I know there is a blizzard out there because if there wasn't I wouldn't be stuck with you five," I say rolling my eyes and swatting his hand away from my head.

"You know you love us," Harry yells enveloping me in a bear hug.

"And i would love you more if I could breath," I say hugging harry back as hard as I could, which was pretty hard.

"Same to you, love," he said letting go gasping for air dramatically 

"So again who wants to come with me to my job," I say chuckling at Harry who was still "gasping" for air.

"Zayn does," Niall shouts from his position on the couch.

"So Niall does then," 

"NO I don't want to go out there it cold," he says shivering at the thought.

"Does anyone to go at all," I say cocking my head to the side and raising my eyebrows, silently begging that someone would want to go with me.

"I'll go I guess," Zayn says from the doorway.

"Yea someone nice enough to go with me," I say sticking my tongue at the rest of the boys who were giving sly smirk at each other. I make eye contact with Zayn and shoot him a questioning glance he shrugs rolling his eyes at the four boys who had silly smirks on their faces.

"Okay lets go then," I say grabbing a medium sized winter coat.

“I think you have to take me for me. I am who I am.” 

Live fast, have fun, be a bit mischievous.

Sorry about the long wait school started and the teachers have been giving us crazy amounts of homework I hope u enjoy it and it was worth the wait. 


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