At The Beach

Izzie's P.O.V
Omg the Hawaiian sun is amazing. And I totally needed this tan, " hey how about we hit the water" my friend Chelsi asked me. " ya sure, just give me 5 minutes" " Ugh hurry up, i cant wait." Chelsi yelled as she ran to the water. " wait up" I called. I was running at full speed and by accident bumped into someone. " Oh, Im so sorry I didn't see you." I said to the person with out looking up" Its ok babe, it was an accident" Wait, I think I know that voice......


2. What he thinks

Harrys P.O.V

"Ok then, Bye see you soon" "bye" she said and then she walked away. Wow shes cute. "Harry, whats taking you so long, come on man we got to go to the signing"the lads yelled "ok Im going" I said as i was running towards them. I slowed down to a jog and continued to think about the girl. Damn shes hot and looks so good in that bikini. Ugh I am so stupid I didn't even get her name. Wait, is that her, yep its her. I changed my direction and jogged over to her, and heard her talking to her friend, "and then you will guess who I bumped into" "that would me I guess, or did you bump into somebody else?""omg you talked to Harry Styles!"her friend asked. She ignored her "No, its you Im talking about, I hope you dont mind" she said "not at all, so, um, I just wanted to know your name." "Oh Im sorry" shes really nice, she even apologizes for things she didn't even do.  "My name is Isabel but everybody calls me Izzie." "Well, thanks, I've got to go, have to do a signing. Talk to you later." "Sure thing" Izzie said, and then I watched them walk away, her friend talking up a storm and Izzie answering all of her quesions. I started to run back to the boys before they started to ask any questions. To late, when I got there they all started to talk all at the same time, all of the things coming out of their mouths being questions. "Ok, I hope this answers your questions, I meet a girl and we talked a little. There thats all Im going to say." "Ok, what ever you say Harry" said Louis with a smirk. Whatever, I just cant wait to see Izzie again, its going to be great

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