At The Beach

Izzie's P.O.V
Omg the Hawaiian sun is amazing. And I totally needed this tan, " hey how about we hit the water" my friend Chelsi asked me. " ya sure, just give me 5 minutes" " Ugh hurry up, i cant wait." Chelsi yelled as she ran to the water. " wait up" I called. I was running at full speed and by accident bumped into someone. " Oh, Im so sorry I didn't see you." I said to the person with out looking up" Its ok babe, it was an accident" Wait, I think I know that voice......


3. The room

   Izzies P.O.V

     I still am in shock that I met Harry Styles. And I still can't believe that is is coming over to my room just to sign an autograph. Wait, he is coming over here, and its a mess. "Chelsi, we have to start cleaning. Harry is going to be here in a little bit and we have to have this room spotless. Understand" I commanded Chelsi. " yes I understand but why cant the maids do it, its their job anyways."  Chelsi asked. " because i dont want them touching my under clothes. So come on and start cleaning" and boy did we clean. We were going to stay in Hawaii for 2 weeks and so far 5 days have passed but in those 5 days things sure did get messy. We spent an hour cleaning and then another hour changing our clothes, putting on a little bit of make up and curling our hair. By the time Harry came, we were starting to get a little bored and impatient. "Ding dong" the door bell rang and i smiled and went to get the door. " hi babe, hope we aren't late" Harry said . I saw the other lads and smiled. "Hi, come on in" i said inviting them into the room. " ok, I know that we only came here to give you guys and autograph but, can we also talk for a little bit because you guys are the only girls we have met so far that haven't gone all crazy when you saw or met one of us and especially when there are no other fans around." Louis asked. " sure no prob" Chelsi answered.  And thats how the rest of the evening went by. The lads talking and goofing around with me and Chelsi. By the time its was time for the boys to go, we all had really bonded really well. And i think I caught Harry looking at me secretly. What if he thinks Im cute.  I guess I'll never know. "Well, we've got to go, management wont be happy if we get to our rooms late. Bye Isabel and Chelsi, good night" "good night" me and Chelsi chorused. "It was great meeting you and thanks for a good time" i replied to the boys. Wow, Harry walking over to me. I wonder what it is.


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