At The Beach

Izzie's P.O.V
Omg the Hawaiian sun is amazing. And I totally needed this tan, " hey how about we hit the water" my friend Chelsi asked me. " ya sure, just give me 5 minutes" " Ugh hurry up, i cant wait." Chelsi yelled as she ran to the water. " wait up" I called. I was running at full speed and by accident bumped into someone. " Oh, Im so sorry I didn't see you." I said to the person with out looking up" Its ok babe, it was an accident" Wait, I think I know that voice......


5. Dinner

Harry's P.O.V As I walked out of Izzie's room, the elevator opeaned and the boys walked into it. I ran to catch it and as soon as I got in there, Niall smirked and asked "what took you so long, what, were you making out with Izzie. And don't lie, we all know that you like her." "Ok, I will admit, I do like Izzie, there is somthing special, but I was not, repeat, not making out with her." I responded. "Ok" Niall said still with that smirk on his face. I rolled my eye sand said "whatever" under my breath. But, I do like Izzie, and there is something special about her. And I want to spend some time with her again. And I know just the way to spend sometime with her. Izzie's P.O.V I woke upmto the sun light shinning on my face. "Good morning sleepy head" said Chelsi chearfully. " Ugh, what time is it?" I asked in a very grumpy way. "11" answered Chelsi. "So, fo you think that we will see one direction today again?" "No remember, they have a cocert today" "oh, right. So what are we going to do today" "well, we can go shopping" "ok, perfect. I need to get a tee shirt any ways" "ok then, shopping it is" And thats the way we spent the whole day, shopping . When we got home, I was pooped, I changed my clothes and went collapsed onto the bed. Harry's P.O.V Ok, todays the day. Im going to ask Izzie on a date. She mentioned to me that she loved Italian food. So, Im going to take her to an Italian restorante for dinner. I can't wait, and it's going to be a total suprise. But, the weird thing is that, for the first time in a long time, I feel nervous about asking or taking a girl out. Weird right, oh well, Im of to rehersales with the lads. Then when we come back, all go ask Izzie on that date, ~Hours later~ Izzie's P.O.V Me and Chelsi were whatching t.v when the door bell rang. "I'll get it" Chelsi told me as she walked towards the door. I heard murmered voices and then Chelsi came back, "Izzie, some ones here to see you" she saud with a smirk on her face. "Who is it" I asked her. "Go find out for your self"Chelsi answered. I walked to the door, and guess who is standing at the door. Harry. "Hey"He said " hey whats up." I loom ridicules, i am wearing a spaghetti strap shirt and some shorts. And my hair is a mess. "'Hi, um, I wanted to know if you wanted to go out to eat dinner with me?" Did Harry Styles just ask me out? " sure, of course, what time ?" " how about 7" "that will be great" "see you then" I smiled at him and closed the door. I waited to hear the elevator ding. Then ran into the bedroom and yelled " I HAVE A DATE WITH HARRY STYLES" " WHAT" " come on, I need you to help me get ready" we rushed around, Chelsi asking me questions and I answering them all. We were going so fast, that we didn't even notice the time. 

         Harrys P.O.V 

Great job Harry, you asked her and she was so happy. Not only her facial experecians showed it but also her eyes. Those hazel eyes were full with joys and happynes. I just can wait to take her out. ~A few hous later~ Izzie's P.O.V The door bell rang and i rushed to get it. I stopped for 30 second to cheek my my hair and make up, then I opened the door. "Wow, just look amazing" Harry's eyes were popping out of their sockets. "Thanks you do too" as i walked out of the room, Harry but his arm around my waist, just hight enough so it wouldn't be accwerd. We left the hotel and pulled over a taxi. We got to the restorante, and it was Italian. Yes. "How did you know that I liked Italian food. Or did you just pick out a restorante." "You told me, onWednesday" "I did, wow. I dont remember. Did you really know that about me" "I really do" "wow, you sure do catch details" thats so sweet. He actually remember a little fact about me. We entered the restorante and took our seats. I spent some time deciding on what to eat since there are so many good options. Finally, I concluded on the classic, spaghetti with sauce.Harry ordered a soup. "Sorry I took so long to order. I just didn't know what to choose." I apologized. "Thats ok, there are a lot of dishes to choose from and i just picked out the first dish I saw" Harry responded "thanks, and you might have chosen a dish with snails in them. Italians have snail soup and dishes" "what! Oh God I hope U didn't chose one of those. Eating snails, ugh" "haha, but I don't think you did, there was a section on the menu for that and that was on the second page and I don't think you looked there right?" "There was a second page?" "Haha, ya there was" this guy is too funny. We spent the whole time laughing and making jokes. "Oh, look at the time, we should get going" I said. It was 10:30 "ya, we should" Harry didn't look so happy when he said it but you can barley notice it. We called a cab and rode back to the hotel. When we entered the elevator Harry finally spoke. "I had a great time with you Izzie. I hope we can do this again some time." "Ya me too, it was really fun hanging out with you" I smiled. We were in front of my room and I was getting out my card to open the door. I opened it and turned around to say bye to Harry. "Bye, it was amazing and a dream come true to spend time with you. Thank you so much." "It was amazing to spend time with you too, and Im glad you enjoyed it." And then he put one hand on my cheek and then kissed my other cheek. He KISSED MY CHEEK. "And thanks for not going all fan girl on me." "Bye" I said still in shock. "Bye" Harry said with a smirk on his face. And with that, he walked back to the elevator, pushed the button, and before he walked inside, he winked at me and smiled. Than, he left. I was still in shock, frozen in place. After about 1 minute, I finally got my senses back and walked into my room. "So, how was it!" Chelsi asked vey excitedly. "I have so much to tell you and you will not believe what just happened out there just a few minutes ago......."

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