At The Beach

Izzie's P.O.V
Omg the Hawaiian sun is amazing. And I totally needed this tan, " hey how about we hit the water" my friend Chelsi asked me. " ya sure, just give me 5 minutes" " Ugh hurry up, i cant wait." Chelsi yelled as she ran to the water. " wait up" I called. I was running at full speed and by accident bumped into someone. " Oh, Im so sorry I didn't see you." I said to the person with out looking up" Its ok babe, it was an accident" Wait, I think I know that voice......


4. Can I have your number

       Harry P.O.V

        I walked over to Izzie and she turned to me. Here goes nothing. "So, how long are you going to be staying in Hawaii?" I asked. "Oh, 2 weeks and so far 5 days have passed so we have 9 more days staying her. Bumer, this place is amazing" " ya, it is isn't it. Well, the boys and me are going to stay for a week and a half, we have 6 days left." "Thats to bad, you guys will barley have any time to enjoy the place"  looks like she wanted to say something else but decided to not say it. "What were you going to say" i said with a smile on my face. " oh nothing, I just wondered where you guys were going to next after this." " well, were going home, to England, thus is our last concert for the rest of the year" "really, me and Chelsi live in England, to bad we wont be leaving all at the same time. I really enjoyed spending time with you guys.  Its really fun." " well, we can keep in touch if I have your number." I said with a hint oh hope in my eyes. Please say yes


     Izzie's P.O.V

        "Well, we can keep in touch if I have your number" OMG Harry Styles just asked for my number. What if he likes me. What no, he probably just said that because he wants to be friends. But thats ok, I accept being friends with Harry any given day. Altho, I wish he kind of did like me, because I like him and I want him to like me too, but oh well, life is life and at least I will still be Harry's friend. Thats pretty cool. "Sure here" After I gave him my number He said bye and left. "Bye Izzie, it was really fun hanging out with you. I hope. See you around" said Harry. " ya me too, bye" and I shut the door. Me and Chelsi waited 30 seconds to wait for the lads to leave and

then started to squeal and jump. "OMG I CANT BELIEVE THAT WE WERE JUST HANGING OUT WITH INE DIRECTION!!!!" Chelsi squealed. ""I KNOW RIGHTT" I yelled back." And, I think that Niall likes me" Chelsi stated. "WHAT, why do you think that" " because he kept looking at me and was always trying to talk to me" "wow, your so lucky I think he does like you" " I know, but I think somebody likes you also" "WHAT, WHO" " Harry" "why would you think that" "because I saw him looking at you and trying to get close to you." "WHAT GET OUT" " Dead serious" "ok, I'm going to bed because I need to think this over and I'm tired. Can we continue this conversation tomorrow?" "Sure thing" "ok, thanks" as I was getting into bed, I kept thinking, does Harry really like me. I mean, he did ask for my number. But, then again, he might not be looking for a girl friend right now. I'll have to thunk this over. In the mean time, Im going to bed.  

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