Seven Minutes In Heaven (Hogwarts Style)

So in this movella you would play seven minutes in heaven with your favorite Harry Potter guys.
All you have to do is leave a request saying who you want it to be with and if you want it sweet, dirty, or dirty and you get caught in the middle so you have to continue it in your head.


5. Sweet Seamus

This one is for Sophie Dragone Xx

My name is Sophie, Hufflepuff, my crush, Seamus. I am deaf and have been training to use my mind to cast spells.

I pulled out a pink paper and looked around.

Some one tapped my shoulder i looked behind me to see my special boy. My heart stopped as me and Seamus went inside the closet. 

"Lumos" he said once we were in while i focused my mind so that my wand glowed.

'I love you' he signed my eyes teared up as i hugged him.

He pressed his warm lips on mine as i kissed back.

Me, Sophie, the deaf girl, the one who's constantly bullied, just got the man of her dreams.

'May i?' he signed while putting his hand on the hem of my shirt. 

i nodded as he unbuttoned my shirt. He kissed my neck as i tugged on his shirt.

He suddenly pulled away and looked at the door where Fred stood with a smirk. 

i've heard he has an irish accent hopefully one day i'll hear it's beauty.


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