Seven Minutes In Heaven (Hogwarts Style)

So in this movella you would play seven minutes in heaven with your favorite Harry Potter guys.
All you have to do is leave a request saying who you want it to be with and if you want it sweet, dirty, or dirty and you get caught in the middle so you have to continue it in your head.


10. Draco and Chelle

this one is for Chelle Xx

my name is Chelle i am a slytherin and i am a pure blood witch.

i put my hand in the bag hoping it would be Draco. i pulled out a green paper and waved it around

"Chelle that's me" said a voice that made my heart melt. we got up and went into the closet. 

"Lumos" we both said.

i looked into his eyes that were supposed to be grey but were now clouded with lust. My heart beat faster as he approached me and put his cold lips on mine. i wrapped my legs around his back as our tongues battled for dominance. 

"Acio rope" he said as ropes appeared.

"Strip slut" he said as i obeyed and quickly stripped down to nothing. 

"Spread" he said as i opened my legs revealing my dripping vagina for him. 

"You're so wet" he said while tying my arms and legs to the poles that suddenly appeared in the closet. 

"Seven minutes are up" said Fred while opening the door. Draco raised his middle finger for him making Fred close the door.

Draco sat down on his knees and stuck his tongue in my hole making me squeel. he started fucking me with his tongue as i groaned.

"I am c-close" i said making him stop. 

he looked at me with a smirk on his face as he took his pants and boxers off making his 10 inch jump out. he approached me while pumping himself as his balls bounced. 

"Guys you have to get out of the closet" said George from outside. 

Draco rolled his eyes and suddenly pushed himself in me without any warning. 

my eyes teared up as he stopped to make me adjust. Pain turned into pleasure as i nodded. he thrusted in me as our moans got mixed together making us no which moan belonged to who.

"You like that don't you slut" he said over the sound of balls slapping skin.

"I want to cum" i screamed 

"Together" he said as we both released our load. he pulled out and untied me. we got dressed together and got out. 

Every one was smirking at us as we rolled out eyes and took our seats next to each other.

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