Seven Minutes In Heaven (Hogwarts Style)

So in this movella you would play seven minutes in heaven with your favorite Harry Potter guys.
All you have to do is leave a request saying who you want it to be with and if you want it sweet, dirty, or dirty and you get caught in the middle so you have to continue it in your head.


9. Dobby and Sweetie

Dobby's POV

i apparated back to Malfoy Manor after i had been to Harry Potter to warn him about the danger. i ran in to the hole they made me stay in. i saw Sweetie sitting and waiting for me.

"Oh Dobby where have you been" she asked, concerned

"The harry potter would not listen to Dobby Sweetie" i said to her grimly

"try harder Dobby" she said

"Sweetie hide their coming" i said quickly as she scrambled behind the small bed.

"Dobby come take this" i heard my master say i ran out side and took the tray away. 

the odd boy stepped on me as he passed. i ran back to my hole and saw sweetie. 

"Dobby let's run away" she said to me

"Dobby must stay loyal to his family until family gives Dobby sock" i simply said

"Dobby it amuses me how loyal you are" she said

"Dobby is loyal to anyone he loves" i said

"Did you ever cheat on me Dobby?" she asked remembering last night's nightmare.

"Dobby must stay loyal to anything he loves" i said looking in her eyes

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