Seven Minutes In Heaven (Hogwarts Style)

So in this movella you would play seven minutes in heaven with your favorite Harry Potter guys.
All you have to do is leave a request saying who you want it to be with and if you want it sweet, dirty, or dirty and you get caught in the middle so you have to continue it in your head.


3. Dirty Harry

This one's for Bailey Xx

My name's Bailey, the shyest Gryffindor there is. 

I pulled out a black paper.

"Who's black?" i asked

"Uh Bailey, i am" Harry friggin' Potter said

We went into the closet together ,

"Lumos" we said together. 

I dropped my wand in front of us. i bent down to pick it up  and felt the wind blow my short skirt up wards. I picked up the wand and turned around. Harry was looking at me while licking his lips. 

"The little thong you're wearing seems a little uncomfortable right?" he asked his green eyes turning a misty dark green.

"Mhm" i said while nodding

He crushed his lips to mine while touching the soft nub on my vagina. He entered 2 fingers inside of me as i moaned.

He pulled down the black thong and lifted my skirt off slightly. I sat down on the ground as he started sucking my vagina. i moaned while pulling on his dark hair. 

"H-Harry" i moaned and shot my load in his mouth

He kissed me so i could taste myself on his lips. 

He pulled his penis out of his pants and as i started sucking. i played with his balls as i hollowed my cheeks. He threw back his head while moaning as his glasses fell lopsided. 

I felt him twitch inside my mouth and soon enough i was swallowing his salty goods. He lifted me up and sat me down on his 10 inch. i felt my nipples harden as he smirked , realizing i wasn't wearing a bra. 

He squeezed my boobs through my shirt as i started bouncing on his dick as we both moaned.

"Together" he said as we both shot our load. 

He put his penis under my shirt and between my boobs. i moaned as he thrusted in. 

"Seven minutes are up" shouted Fred from out side the door

Harry put his penis in his pants as i pulled my thong up. We went out side together holding hands.

"By the noises you were doing i believe you were having quite a time" said George with a smirk.

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