It Only Takes 5 Seconds...

Indi is a normal 16 year old girl. She loves music and spends most of her day on twitter. She doesn't know what she wants do do when she leaves school, and she has all her family nagging her, trying to get her to make a decision. But when her best friend goes far on X Factor, Indi gets asked to go on tour with her. Will Indi make a decision on what she wants to do after school? Or will she start a new life on the road with her best friend?


2. No Matter What

*Indi's POV*

I stared at the tv screen, hoping she would get four yeses. I couldn't believe they changed the rules from three yeses to four. And this year of them all! But it didn't matter. Sasha had talent and I knew it. 

 Louis started off the voting.

"I think you've got potential. It's a yes from me."

Then it was Nicole.

"Honey, it's a yes from me too!"

Next up was Sharon.

"100% yes!"

I was now confident that she would get through. I mean, if anyone said no, they obviously were deaf. Gary opened his mouth to speak. I held my breath to be sure I didn't miss anything said. 

"I'm sorry I just don't see you selling millions of records worldwide yet. Maybe try again in a couple of years or so. It's a no"

My heart sunk. All those months of convincing her to audition were down the drain. I wanted to be sucked into a giant black hole there and then. 

Poor Sasha. If I felt like this now, I couldn't imagine how she would feel. 

I just wanted to run into the room and hug her. Just tell her that everything would be okay. 
That I would always be there for her no matter what. 
That I always loved her no matter what. 
That I always believed in her no matter what. 

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