It Only Takes 5 Seconds...

Indi is a normal 16 year old girl. She loves music and spends most of her day on twitter. She doesn't know what she wants do do when she leaves school, and she has all her family nagging her, trying to get her to make a decision. But when her best friend goes far on X Factor, Indi gets asked to go on tour with her. Will Indi make a decision on what she wants to do after school? Or will she start a new life on the road with her best friend?


4. Mikey?

We stand outside, waiting for the taxi to arrive when Indi's phone starts to ring. She looks at it slightly confused.

"unknown number"

She hovers her finger over the answer button, wondering whether to answer it or not. Indi was never good when it came to talking to people, i remember i was the one who spoke first when we first met. I giggle at the memory as she taps the button and puts the phone to her ear. She listens for a little bit, "its the taxi man" she mouths before she walks away from me. I have no clue what's going on. She then starts to wave her arms about while talking down the phone. She looks slightly annoyed, so i leave her. I presume she will tell me once she's done.

I stand, staring at my best friend talking on the phone.

she's so sweet.

why did she pick me to be her best friend?

why did she waste her spare time on me?

I once went through a phase when i was depressed, i started self-harming. it got a little bit out of hand and she was the only one who was there for me. the whole time, she put me before anyone, me before herself. Even though we'd only been friends for a few years she was the best best friend ever.

She's so supportive.



She has no flaws, personality or looks-wise.

She -

My phone starts to ring. I tap my hands over my jeans, looking for it. I start looking through my bag, finally finding it, i pull it out quickly to try and answer it, but as i pull it out, it stops ringing. I look at my phone,

'1 missed call from Mikey'

Mikey? I stare at my phone for a while, but nothing springs to mind. I start to think harder, looking around me, hoping people around me will give me some inspiration.

"Mikey? But I don't know a Mi-"

I shoot my head down at my phone..

"Michael." I mutter under my breath.

Michael Clifford.

Me and Michael grew up together when I lived in Australia but I moved to England when I was 13. I remember he asked me to be his girlfriend a couple of weeks before I left, I said yes and we promised to keep in contact over facebook, facetime, skype, all those kinds of things, but it was hard because of the timezones. Eventually, Michael didn't reply to me for a couple of days.

But those days turned into weeks.

I tried ringing him, face-timing him, skyping him, inboxing him on facebook, but he never answered them.

I wondered if he had changed his number, but that didn't explain why he wasn't answering his skype calls or facebook inboxes. I tried to not let it bother me.

Weeks turned into months.

I remember logging onto facebook one day and seeing a picture he had uploaded of him and a girl. I was gutted that he had been online, but decided to not answer my inboxes.

But nothing hurt me more than the post before.

"Michael Clifford is in a relationship with Tanya Evans"

Those months turned into a full three years.

What does he want? Why now? Thoughts race through my head.

I shake my head bringing myself back into reality. I slowly unlock my phone and holding my breath, I ring him back. I put the phone to my ear as it rings. I let my breath out slowly as i wait for him to answer.

"Hello?" He sounds quite tired.

I don't reply. I can't.

His voice has gone so deep, it doesn't even sound like him anymore. I start to shake.


I quickly end the call, immediately regretting what i had just done. I tilt my head back, sighing.

"The taxi is on the way" Indi says from behind me, giving me the the fright of my life. "Oh sorry, did i scare you?"

I let out an uneasy giggle whilst shaking my head slowly.

"Are you okay?" She asks.

"Yeah i'm fine. Just a bit disappointed in how the audition went."

She raises an eyebrow but says nothing of it, instead she just opens her arms for a hug. I go in for it and as i put my head on her shoulder, i know.

I have to ring Michael back.

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