It Only Takes 5 Seconds...

Indi is a normal 16 year old girl. She loves music and spends most of her day on twitter. She doesn't know what she wants do do when she leaves school, and she has all her family nagging her, trying to get her to make a decision. But when her best friend goes far on X Factor, Indi gets asked to go on tour with her. Will Indi make a decision on what she wants to do after school? Or will she start a new life on the road with her best friend?


5. It All Just Stopped.

The taxi ride back is probably one of the longest taxi rides ever. No, it's definitely the longest taxi ride ever. The whole journey Indi is telling me how well I did in the audition and how I should be proud of myself and how she's proud of me, or something along those lines anyway. To tell the truth I'm not really listening, I'm too busy daydreaming.

Daydreaming about the past. Mine and Michael's past. How we used to be so close. How we told each other everything. How we trusted each other with everything and anything. How we told each other we would make it work no matter where we were in the world.

But then one day it all just stopped.

Stopped replying.

Stopped calling.

Stopped answering.

Just stopped.

I really want to call him again, I really do. But this is the boy who broke my heart. He didn't even break my heart, he crushed it. And I don't even know if i'm over him yet.

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