It Only Takes 5 Seconds...

Indi is a normal 16 year old girl. She loves music and spends most of her day on twitter. She doesn't know what she wants do do when she leaves school, and she has all her family nagging her, trying to get her to make a decision. But when her best friend goes far on X Factor, Indi gets asked to go on tour with her. Will Indi make a decision on what she wants to do after school? Or will she start a new life on the road with her best friend?


3. I'm Sorry

*Sasha's POV*

"I'm sorry I just don't see you selling millions of records worldwide yet. Maybe try again in a couple of years or so. It's a no"

The words hit me like a brick wall. 

I always knew I shouldn't have auditioned. I knew I wasn't good enough. No matter how much time I spent getting ready for the audition, I'd never be ready for it.

I slowly nod my head at the judges and manage to pop a small "thank you" out before I head towards the door. I take one step after the other, focusing on each step, trying not to loose my balance. My eyes are filling up with tears, but I have to look strong. I don't want to cry in front of my best friend. She probably thinks this is all her fault. 

Thoughts keep racing through my mind as I push open one of the double doors. On the other side of it I see Indi facing me with her arms spread wide open, ready for a hug. I rush over to her and hug her tightly. 

She's so slim, I'm afraid of snapping her. 

"I'm sorry" is all she whispers.

My eyes start to fill up with tears again. "It's not your-" my voice starts to break, so I clear it. I break from the hug and look at her. Her dirty blonde wavy hair falls down to her waist. Her side fringe that she's trying to grow out is clipped back with a pretty clip. She is wearing a pair of light blue denim shorts, a flowery vest top and a pair of sandals, perfect for the weather outside. She could pull off any outfit. 
"It's not your fault. Don't be sorry" I whisper back to her.
Her ice blue eyes start to tear up. I hug her again and just hold her close before we get escorted away by security. 

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