Beyond our souls

Have you ever thought what if you had two souls like you are connected you can't leave the soul will always be there (this is a real life game so I will take some iders��) my name is Hannah James
My parents left me when I was 6 cas thay were scered of me and Alex he is my outher soul not like I have an outher persanalaty but he is in me and when he whant so or I can cox him he will come out it's like there is a cord connected to me and him it looks like the ghost busters lasers and then there's Jason my friend he has some kind of power and can see Alex and so can I Jason fights with me and we live in an zombie apocalypse (16and over I worend you)


27. Forgiveness ?

Winters POV

I scream and run with Jordan he glanced at me then we stopped running for a second and hid behind a tree and looked back, nothing was there. "Shit.." I whisper. "Yeah..." Jordan whispers, I sit down against the back of the cave we were at the front of before, now we're behind it. Jordan sits next to me and raps his arm around me and I turn my head and look at him in the eye for a second and lean my head on his shoulder. I don't fully trust him.. I don't know what to do and didn't notice that he was looking me in the eye and was centimeters away from my face. I saw him look at my lips for a second and he bit his lip than put his eye-contact back on me. He put his hand on my cheek and leaned in,  Why not.. I think to myself and I kiss him on the lips. His lips so warm and moist. "I miss doing that... I'm so sorry I hurt you.. I was so broken without you babe.." He whispered with a frown. "It's okay.. Why'd you care so much that.. I went out with Dante.." I whispered and gave him a little kiss on the lips. "He.. Has stolen most of my friends away from me before the zombies came." He whispered with a bit of confusion in his voice. I became shocked, "He What!?!" I said making the conversation louder. "He did, He stole most of my friends from me, before they found out his little game, Worst of all, He stole you from me.." He whispered with anger in his voice. "I'm sorry I dumped you for that... Dickhead.." I whispered. "It's fine, I have you back now right?.." He whispered and smirked at me. "Of course." I said grinning and biting my lip. He motioned me to stand up and sit on his lap, I did as he wanted me to. I sat on his lap and faced him he had a big smirk on his face and then, he kissed me slowly and passionately. After a little bit, He put his hands on my back and put his hands under my shirt slightly not high, just at the end of my shirt and gripped on my back.


~ Evone.

I hope you liked it !!

Vampire Queen won't be posting for a while but I'll continue I promise! xx


Have A Great Day Everyone!

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