Beyond our souls

Have you ever thought what if you had two souls like you are connected you can't leave the soul will always be there (this is a real life game so I will take some iders��) my name is Hannah James
My parents left me when I was 6 cas thay were scered of me and Alex he is my outher soul not like I have an outher persanalaty but he is in me and when he whant so or I can cox him he will come out it's like there is a cord connected to me and him it looks like the ghost busters lasers and then there's Jason my friend he has some kind of power and can see Alex and so can I Jason fights with me and we live in an zombie apocalypse (16and over I worend you)


16. Chapter 14: Better be here in time.

Winters POV,

"B-but...." I whispered "YEP, it's me!" He yelled "This is payback for you dumping me for stupid little Dante." He snapped "I..." I whispered. I couldn't finish my sentence, I.. I think I still love him. "I?.." He asked. "Never mind.." I whispered. He scoffed, "Leave her alone!" Hannah yelled. "Hannah.. Stop he will hurt you!" I yelled out to her. He suddenly punched her in the face. "What the hell Jordan?!?" I yelled kicking everywhere hoping to kick him. "Bitch stop!" He snapped "I might still fucking love you but it gives you no fucking reason to kick me!!!!" He slapped me across the face. I started crying "Winter...-" he whispered and never continued.


Dantes POV,

Jason was running after me. "Dante slow down!!!" Jason yelled "No Winters in god damn trouble!" I snapped "She will be fine don't worry about it Hannah and Winter will be okay." Jason yelled. "You can't be 100% sure if they're okay! What if they're hurt or getting raped.." I yelled back. I kept running until I found an old building.


Winters POV,

He slowly walked up to me and rubbed my cheek. "I'm sorry.." He whispered. "Wait just a second.." He whispered. I nodded in approval he came back with a tall guy. "This is Caleb." He said pointing to him giving a slight smirk towards him. "Wh-why the smirk.." I whispered to him. "Watch, and learn." Jordan said giving a huge smirk. Caleb walked over to Hannah and punched her over and over. "STOP!!" I yelled constantly crying. Caleb stopped then walked out the room. "Winter, you're beautiful I want you to give me another chance." Jordan whispered stroking my cheek. "No.. I have Dante.." I whispered "Fine." He grabbed me and held me to the wall "Don't hurt me.." I whispered still crying. "I won't hurt you.." he whispered then kissed my cheek. When Jordan kissed my cheek Dante and Jason came running in.


Dantes POV,

I started walking through the door. Guess what I saw? Hannah was knocked out, Jason was so shocked and ran in straight away. I ran for Winter.


Winters POV,

I was still crying. I saw Jason. He was going for Hannah instantly. I saw Dante running for me. He punched Jordan. "Don't hurt him!" I yelled and went over to Jordan. "Why..  almost raped you!" Dante snapped "He's my ex. He's still my friend. I Love Him!!" I yelled Jordan looked at me like what the so confused.  Dante slightly nodded obviously he hated Jordan just because he kissed me. Then I looked over to Jason with Hannah.



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