Beyond our souls

Have you ever thought what if you had two souls like you are connected you can't leave the soul will always be there (this is a real life game so I will take some iders��) my name is Hannah James
My parents left me when I was 6 cas thay were scered of me and Alex he is my outher soul not like I have an outher persanalaty but he is in me and when he whant so or I can cox him he will come out it's like there is a cord connected to me and him it looks like the ghost busters lasers and then there's Jason my friend he has some kind of power and can see Alex and so can I Jason fights with me and we live in an zombie apocalypse (16and over I worend you)


5. Chap three:leaving

Alex pov


i hear a window crash we all tern

and we all gasp well thay gasp I can't talk 

only through minds

a huge herd of geeks tumble through 

i look at Hannah and she is unarmed and Jason 

has a chefs knife and gun I use my powers to knock over 

the gator on the shelf Hannah rushes overand

and grabs it and runs to a zombie I choke the zombie behind 

Hannah I flot quickly to Jason 

He is on the floor two geeks on him

i choke one  and explod the outher I fall to the floor

exsorsted it's getting hard to stand now


jasons pov


i look behind me Alex on the floor.

"Alex you ok" I say

he nods and I tern and kicked the zombie on hannah

and shot it and swing my knife

at the zombie behind

mehannah gets up and swings the gator 

at a little girl zombie

she quickly drops the gator and 

attends the little girl zombie "Noooo " I he'll she looks at 

me and I push Hannah out the way befor the zombie bites her

i look behind me and Alex is 

standing next to the little girl zombie and he looks rilly 

mad he make then girl flot and he slams her to a wall and then the floor and then 

he stabs her 

with a chair leg and drops her

we all get up and take quickly

glances at each outher and we all run out the door I lend Hannah my 


and we walk of in to the woods



by vampire queen 777 love ya bye 

ma little peaches


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