Beyond our souls

Have you ever thought what if you had two souls like you are connected you can't leave the soul will always be there (this is a real life game so I will take some iders��) my name is Hannah James
My parents left me when I was 6 cas thay were scered of me and Alex he is my outher soul not like I have an outher persanalaty but he is in me and when he whant so or I can cox him he will come out it's like there is a cord connected to me and him it looks like the ghost busters lasers and then there's Jason my friend he has some kind of power and can see Alex and so can I Jason fights with me and we live in an zombie apocalypse (16and over I worend you)


2. Chap one: meeting and starting

Hi my name is Hannah and my best friend is jason

he is siting the chouch eating my chips jerk and my you wold

say outher soul he flots next to me but he can't leaf me cas thers a cord and

we can't cut it soo ya I'm 14 and so is Alex  the outher soul alex

is helpfall and crazy at times he nilly always listens to me 


Alex's pov

o flot around the room sening some think will happen 

and not a good thing I have blood red hair and black eyes 

and I am nice but if some one were to hert

hannah I will kill em I am a good friend to Jason 

but he can be a jerk some times and it can be very us fall 

that I can read minds


jasons pov


i sit on the couch eating Hannah's chips but I 

live with her and I'm ... Very lazy right now I 

don't know why but I can talk and see alex I'm adopted

and I'm 15 and good with a gun dont

ask why my step dad taught me and my mum taught me

to survive I the woods and I may have a small crush

on Hannah don't tell 



Hannah's pov 

I was siting on the floor when a screem is herd and moning and then banging is herd on the house

i run it the door and open it "wat" I yell at a pail

faceed flesh hanging biteing zombie I pounces on me 'ALEX' I screem in my

mind he flots in with Jason then he looks at me

he sters at the

zombie and the zombie tumbles back then Jason pulled out

a gun and shot it we ran out back and started coleting


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