Beyond our souls

Have you ever thought what if you had two souls like you are connected you can't leave the soul will always be there (this is a real life game so I will take some iders��) my name is Hannah James
My parents left me when I was 6 cas thay were scered of me and Alex he is my outher soul not like I have an outher persanalaty but he is in me and when he whant so or I can cox him he will come out it's like there is a cord connected to me and him it looks like the ghost busters lasers and then there's Jason my friend he has some kind of power and can see Alex and so can I Jason fights with me and we live in an zombie apocalypse (16and over I worend you)


11. Chap 9 : sexual seen 16+

Hanna's pov


it was night and I had to sher a bed with Jason I looked at himand said

"hay Jason I need to change can you like tern ya" he larghed and trend when I 

chanced I terned and walked in to the bed this roon was very plain it had

blue walls and a closet and a bed and that's it the good thing is

the girl that lived in hear was my age and size I sat up in bed and sided 

im not tired "hay umm Hannah I know this is out of the blue and ya but umm w-will you go o-o-out with me "he shuttered I smiled and noded "yes" I said he smiled and rolled me over 

so I was under him


alex pov 

I flot through the wall to the room Hannah was in and when I sor that if I had chips in my hand thay would be on the floor right now 

hannah was under Jason kissing Jason's neck it was so bad I started gagging "IM TO YOUNG" I shouted Hannah and jorden looked at me and quickly stopped and steered at me 

I quickly left the room and sat in mid air and played with the creepy looking toy on the floor


hannahs pov


after Alex's little panick I quickly got back to Jason he took his shert off and started kissing my cheek and moved to my lips he left trails of kissis to my bra he unhoked my bra and kissed and sucked my nipples I moned and pulled his hair ha smiled and he took off his pants and I took mine off he kissed my belly buten and kissed my hips he griped the hem of my undies and looked up I nodded and he pulled them off I moned and he said "is this your first time" I nodded and he said "same we will both go easy k?" "Yep" I said he moved his head down and and started licking my cilt I moned and he smiled he lifted his hand and got a finger and slowly planted it in I moned I felt so good he went in and out fast and steady "I-I'm cuming" I said/wisper he went faster and right when I was gona cum he stuck two more fingers in I moned and cumed all over his hand he took his boxers off and looked at me if asking for pormishin I noded as he slowly entered me I gasped and griped the sheets it Hirt so much a tear escaped my eye Jason stoped and said"r u ok I'll stop" "no no go faster"I said he noded and went faster he said "I'm gona cum!" He ground and I cumed on his dick I missiles un buckled and then Jason quickly got out of me as he cumed in the bed 

I lidded down and cuddled up to his chest and fell asleep



hay peloples Hannah hear sorry short chap nilly 

mid night bye gurlssssssss

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