Broken Strings

⚜ time waits for no one ⚜


3. chapter 3

I just went out of the building when a hand grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me away from the crowd and I already knew that this could be only one person. 

"Just leave it Dylan-" I said, without any intention. I didn´t want to fight, I just wanted to be left alone by him. I needed a break off, to sort out everything. I didn´t want to spend a single thought about what yesterday happened. I had to concentrate on my finals, and I had no time for problems like that. 

Easy to be said. 

"Damn, Kiara-" he quietly said. "I´m so sorry-"

"Leave it." I suddenly blundered, not giving him andy space to say one single word.

"Don´t think, one single apologize would undo it." I growled at him, staring into his dark eyes. Suddenly I only felt hatred for him. 

People on the campus started to turn around as he wouldn´t let go off of my shoulder, which made Dylan feel uncomfortable.

"The fuck, leave us alone?" Dylan yelled annoyed to the small amount of students staring.

Immediately they started to walk off again and no one dared to throw one last look at us.

"Believeme, you´ll regret-" Dylan started to beg quietly, gently pulling me aside the parking lot into a more quiet corner.

"What will she regret?" a familiar voice suddenly  asked challenging.

I turned around just to see Harry standing there in his black shirt and trousers, his arms crossed over his torso. He looked at Dylan with his eyebrow raised provocating.


"Who the fuck are you?" Dylan scoffed rudely at him.

"I´m in her classes." Harry responded politely.

"And what-"

"Dylan." I said stern.


"It seems like you´re bothering Kiara." Harry ascertained and stared briefly into Dylans eyes.


His muscles tightened under his black shirt as he waited for Dylans response.

Slowly Dylan let go off of me and turned around to Harry, what made people staring again.

"She is my girlfriend you douche. Leave me alone with her."

"Uh wait a second-" I interrupted Dylan as fast as possible.

Harry threw a short gaze at me, to wait for my reaction.

"It is over, Dylan." I spoke out, which made him widen his eyes.


"You shouldn´t be unfaithful in a relationship." I interrupted him, before I left him and Harry alone. 


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