Broken Strings

⚜ time waits for no one ⚜


2. chapter 2

I got out of my car on the university campus the next morning. After I had been sleeping at my mums, with the feeble excuse, that I didn´t want to sleep alone in my apartment since Dylan had to be away for a few days due to his job, I moved into my old room. I had turned off my phone so he couldn´t reach me in any way.

It was still clouded and cold, so I tightened my coat around my body and grabbed my bag, which contained my stuff for my upcoming classes. 

Not lifting my gaze to anyone, I made my way over to the building, as I walked into some person.

„Man, look out.“  murmured a rough, dark voice.  

„My fault. " I said.

My voice was still hoarse from yesterdays crying at my mum´s. I lifted my eyes to the man in front of me, who was a lot taller than me. Next to him a friend of his I guessed, they seemed to walk around together. I knew those guys from some of my literature classes. Their names were Harry and Louis, I guessed, but I couldn´t remember who was who anymore. 

„Is something wrong?“ the one with the shoulder long curls said. 


"I´m fine, thanks." I responded politely, not wanting to seem desperate to them. 

"Sorry,I didn´t want to cause trouble." I added quietly and turned around again, wanting to enter the building. 

"You´re Kiara.. right?" the other one asked rather shyly, keeping me away from leaving.

"Yes-" I lifted my gaze to meet his eyes, and he smiled soflty at me.

"I need to go now." I mumbled again, and tightened my thin coat again.

"See you soon." both said and I left them on the parking lot.They were both more of the quiet guys in classes, who just took notes and once in a while they raised their arms to say something, but nothing more. They were mysterious. 


" -seems not okay.." I heard Louis say as I was walking away, which made me shrug a little bit. Maybe they noticed that I wasn´t in my best form, but I did not mind. We had nothing in common, so I didn´t owe them an explanation. 



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