Broken Strings

⚜ time waits for no one ⚜


1. chapter 1

hey guys, i´m re-writing and improving this movella.

i hope, you will still like it, if so, please leave a comment.

- céline x


I shook my black umbrella so the drops fell off and took my key out of my pocket.The rain had made my brown hair all wet and it stuck to my cheeks. It rained heavily, which didn´t really bother me, but I started getting cold, and I did not want to get sick at the time. My final exams were to be due and I didn´t want to learn for them while being sickened.


 I turned the key in the lock and pushed the heavy wooden door open. I just moved new into this apartment with my long time boyfriend Dylan, who was often away for work until the late evening. The floor was still empty because we moved in freshly and didn´t bring any furniture with us yet. 

I was still in university, but this fact didn´t bother me at all. This apartment was way more near to my university than my old home and living here meant living in freedom and not under control of my mother.  

Later I would call Dylan, when he had finished working at his new job. As I rang a few hours ago he said he was busy with work, I should call later again. I would still give him some time off, before I would call again.

I got out of my soaking wet coat and hung it on the coat hanger as I noticed that the light at the end of the floor was turned on.

The light?

Slowly I made my way over to our bedroom, where the door was left open with a small gap to look through. I pushed it open gently, wondering, if Dylan was already at home. 

But the view given to me made me regret entering the room immediately. 

I was left with the breath in my throat. My stomach clenched and spasmed. I wasn´t able to believe my eyes. There had to be something wrong. 

This can´t be real.




Dylan was lying in bed, a blonde girl right next to him.

First of all I did not know the girl.

In addition she was fully naked aslike my boyfriend.

"Dylan?" I asked with my voice already trembling, which made him shoot up in bed as he heard me. 

"Kiara?" he asked in disbelief. His gaze met mine and I immediately felt his regret for me entering the room. 

"I need to get out." I whispered with my voice starting to get heavier with every breath. I turned around on my feet and rushed back to the front door, grabbing my still wet coat and my purse aslike my keys.


"Fuck-" I heard Dylan curse from my bedroom, but before he could continue, I was out of the door. 

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