Upon the harsh, cold nights, she went of around the city,
In search of...
A scarlet liquid, know to you as blood..

Crossing pathes with dangerous magic,
Her mission is to find the seven keys, feed her lust of blood,
And escape this world, "Dark City"


2. Where it all begins...

Lyth blinked, pinched her face, and took a deep breath. She tried not to cry, but found out how hard it is. She had no idea, of how she came here, neither if she is still in Earth. She let out a nervous laugh, which soon turned out sobs...

she carefully looked around, trying hard not to give any notice to the dark, greyish sky, the blood painted roads, but all in vain. All in vain, cause it is everywhere! I bet the buildings are filled with ghosts, Lyth thought disgusted. They were made up of black stones, yellowish windows, cracked in every corner. 

Not to forget the purple aura in the air, that builder up a quiet sensations. Lyth felt the need to hide deep in her warm blankets, in her world, but neither can she go back, or feel her warm blankets. Once she is stuck here, forever she is here..

She walked aimlessly around, trying hard not to concentrate at the shouts of helps. Her emotions were mixed, eyes flowing rivers, heart beating louder and louder. She noticed her reflection in one of the windows, and gasped in horror.

her face got paler, her hair fell down to her shoulders, brownish red, and bloodshot.

the fangs scared her the most. She knew it...she is a vampire, and once she drinks blood, something will happen. Lyth thoughts send goosebumps, and dizziness all over her...she is scared..weak..fragile..

well at least before her first victim..before she felt the neck securely in her hands..


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