Upon the harsh, cold nights, she went of around the city,
In search of...
A scarlet liquid, know to you as blood..

Crossing pathes with dangerous magic,
Her mission is to find the seven keys, feed her lust of blood,
And escape this world, "Dark City"


3. First victim? Or helper?

The poor victim, walked aimlessly, but oh so gently. Lyth noticed its beautiful neck, inviting her. She didn't knew what happened next, for she lost control of herself. She can't resist the necks..

  She walked so slowly, for her slippers didn't made any noise against the rough, dark road. She was scared indeed, for her arms are shivering so badly, but the lust of blood, make it look like a dream, a horror one.

Everything here is a dream, Lyth thought angerly.

she securely held its neck, and took a moment of thinking. How will she ever kill someone?! She pushed those feelings, and looked at it. It had a perfect face structure, and what made Lyth happier, is the long perfect neck. It jump out of her hands as fast as he could, and bowed. "I have been waiting for you, my majesty"

lyth confused as ever, chocked. " I know it is quite surprising, and how you would think it is a prank, but lady, am your first and last helper in this world, were danger arises, since you got here. Welcome to the dark city" Lyth sighed, I need blood, not a welcome letter, Lyth thought unhappily. She could feel her throat dry as a dessert, not for water, but for blood.

he looked at her, waiting for a reply, but Lyth is fighting. Fighting deep inside her,

like she is two..

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