Would you kill one to save one?

Louis has done a ... lets just say a horrible thing and harry well... doesn't understand that what he did well helped him ALOT. why cant he understand it WHY WHY ... why? READ TO FIGURED OUT WHAT HAPPEND P.S if u don't like cusing as in crap hell and the others .. then I suggest not to read this book


1. YOU WHAT?"!?!?


"im sorry harry" he looked highly disappointed. Not good enough for me. Never will be. Just a sorry. That's all Louis had said?!? Mind was going wild why the hell did he do that?!

" WHY DID U DO THAT?!" I was annoyed by know and feeling sick to my stomache I look at Louis to see him hesitate to say something. "Well?" he froze for a second " you cant know why hazza" he started crying . but I didn't feel sorry . Not at all.

" Its not Hazza. Its Harold. NOT HARRY OR HAZ OR HAZZA. KNOW TELL ME WHY!" my voice started to rise I suddenly soften and realize I was hurting Louis's arm by sqeezing it to tight. "sorry" I mumble but I don't think he had heard it."why just.... why lou?" I walk outside and sob until I had not a tear left to cry out any longer.


"why just .... Why Lou?" that hurt so bad . That I couldn't tell him why I killed his bestfriend , nick, I didn't have a choice. He attacked harry . The blood . I couldn't take watching what I had feared the most. Harry dieing. Haz was just to drunk to even remember or realize what happened. I was scared . To death.i watched when nick almost hurt harry with that nife. I didn't hesitate. I grabbed the butcher nife and before nick could hurt harry he hurt me, but I killed him not long after. I don't feel amazing about what I did. I just want to tell him. it hurts that he is mad at me for saving him. He doesn't understand. I love him. He doesn't love me. He has taylor. Why would he love me? Eleanour isn't even real. She is just a beard. the only one that knows everything is liam. he even knows about nick. I walk over to the front door to hear harry sobbing I was about to open the door when " I HATE LOU I - I - I HATE you!" my heart dropped. I couldn't even help but open the door frozen and blank nothing was going through my but those horrible bloody words. "you .. ypu hate me?" I didn't even look at harry. just the moon . I look at  him . he is pissed . " I didn't mean to kill him" his face brightened a bit


" how do I know ur not lieng" harry said looking down." he was about to kill you haz ev-" I was cut of by harry " YOUR LIEING NICK WOULDNT KILL ME E-V-E-R!" he looked very red . unhappy a look I couldn't no never wanted to see again. " ASK LIAM WHAT HAPPEND . I SAVED U AND U HATE ME FOR IT . IM JUST A LIAR> NOTHING MORE. YOU HATE ME . DO U KNOW HOW IT FEELS WHEN U SAVE SOMEONE AND ALL THEY DO IS HATE . HE WAS GOING TO KILL U HAZ AND I COULD WATCH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE DIE" harrys face froze I couldn't take life any longer I ran as fast as I could ran into the bathroom. wrote a quik sloppy note to haz. took all the pills I found and took the blade. everything was getting blurry I wanted to hurt myself. forget it all. and start fresh I took that blade pressed it against my wrist and watched everything flow out . harry is knocking and screaming.everything went black. good by my love. my haz. my only haz

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