Would you kill one to save one?

Louis has done a ... lets just say a horrible thing and harry well... doesn't understand that what he did well helped him ALOT. why cant he understand it WHY WHY ... why? READ TO FIGURED OUT WHAT HAPPEND P.S if u don't like cusing as in crap hell and the others .. then I suggest not to read this book


3. Louis? why.. did u ..L

Harry POV

I woke up crying with my eyes redder than Louis's suspenders . I looked at my "stuffed animal" for a bit "harry styles??" I looked up to see the doctor standing emotionless I couldn't tell or make out what he was going to say to me . "Louis wants to see you BUT be very cautious and don't do anything stupid ." my face brightened ALOT and I just was so happy that I jumped on the doctor and hugged him. he smiled, weird . ( LOL I wouldn't have thought a motionless guy could smile ;)))



'damn it ." I failed at suicide . "WAIT A MINUTE THE LETTER!" I soked down farther into my bed realizing what the letter said I feel retarted for doing this but I just wanted to leave know hazza knows it all." harry is here would u like to see him?" I laughed but more of those hesitation laugh though"Yes" ..awkward silience. "what is it love?" I asked her annoyed and sorta well scared . " y-your days .. There Limited. you have a year to live your life beacuase of all the pills. they messed up your brain and gave you something brian tumbor like but not exactly that either . we arnt sure how to tell you this but.. you may get a surgery it could cure u like nothing happened or it will mess it up even more and kill you immediately." she looked outside and let harry in . our faces froze. not because he was happy to see me. But her heard what she said. How will I only get to spend a year with my haz.. or die know . ( :'( AWW POOR LOUUU)




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