Would you kill one to save one?

Louis has done a ... lets just say a horrible thing and harry well... doesn't understand that what he did well helped him ALOT. why cant he understand it WHY WHY ... why? READ TO FIGURED OUT WHAT HAPPEND P.S if u don't like cusing as in crap hell and the others .. then I suggest not to read this book


2. l-l-louis why? ( THE LETTER)


 I froze I didn't know. I was mad at him for 2 weeks . I didn't know . I hear the bathroom door shut pulled out my phone and dialed 911 . knowing what was going to happen " LOU OPEN THE DOOR LOU!!!"  ... " hello how may we help you ? . she sounded annoyed "MY- <MY  BOYFRIEND "  I finally said it . my lou. my boyfriend lou. " HES TRYING TO KILL HIM JUST HURRY!!! " I didn't hesitate I wouldn't stop banging on the door intill it broke down. I saw him . lifeless. pale. blood all over . his beautiful face was just motion less. I broke down and cryed next to Louis. he is still breathing. I saw the letter he had in his and. I put it in my pocket . all of this happened so fast I couldn't. I didn't want it to.i watched them take you " WAIT" the man looked back " WOULD U LIKE TO COME SON HURRY " "YES " we immediately got to the hospital. I wasn't alowd to go in. I was waiting . panicking .

I took out the letter from my pocket . its socking wet as I held it into my hand. its from my tears falling down fast. I open it slowly.

" Dear harry,

    Im sorry I didn't tell you. im sorry im not perfect. im sorry I hurt him. im sorry.sorry. I love you harry. im leaving though. I wont hurt you no more, never again. I didn't mean to tell you I loved u a minute ago.but I couldn't contain my life . I knew I was going to leave this earth , you, tonight. I put on your favorite blue coloured shirt on and left you. No more crying haz. Never again will a tear fall from your eye. I cause to much to you. I know how much this will hurt me . but I will start out new . if I fail my task . stay away. No matter how much it will hurt me, im too much . your better without me . I love you Louis. I can hear your voice. ypur talking on the phone.everything is going black. I love you. bye my only and last love. -  Lou-" .... I froze I couldn't believ his words it made me cry evem more. he thinks hes trouble? " your mine lou. mine only. you never caused me trouble. its not ur fault love . come back please, I need you' I mumble with each word the pain in my heart gets worse. an older lady walks up to me. " I heard you read that love. he really loved u . you know that. Here take this. "  I felt greatful . shes so sweet but what is it?? " what is it?" I smile the fakest smile ever but I need to show her im grateful to. " pull the ear . its a stuffed animal in a box . haha ... enjoy it love"

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