Royally Identical

Bailey and Madison were Identical twins. Their father was a king and mother as a queen. But their mother didn't her children to go through the hardships of being princesses. She wanted them to live normally. So when the twins were born, she took one and ran away. While the other had to go be a princess. The other one lived in a village. She worked as a waitress. The other became a world famous model, yet princess. The village knows their story but they never told Bailey about her royalty. No one knows that Madison has a twin. Not even the king! Only her mother. The mother told it to the village so they could help protect Bailey from the hardships of being famous. Bailey went to a shop once and saw someone exactly like her on the cover.......


5. The magazine 2

Impossible! Why do we look the same?!?! Why do we have the same family and middle names?!?! Why do we have the same features?!?!?! Wait.... Maybe were twins! Nah! If we were twins, mom would've told me. Plus, there are a lot of Gazzets in the world! And P. could mean something else. But, maybe we are.... I read some more.

'17-year old Madison got a modeling career by her father King Ronaldo. The princess' father Ronaldo is still searching for her mother though. Ever since Madison was born, her mother was seen running away with another child Identical to the princess but is nowhere to be found...'

What?!?! Could I be the lost princess? No! If I was mom would stay because she would have money to bring me to school. And I would have a proper job. But I'm poor and I live in a village! It can't be! I'm just gonna have to ask!


Well, I'm sorry for giving Bailey to much info in the first proper chapter.. I guess this'll end fast! :)


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