Royally Identical

Bailey and Madison were Identical twins. Their father was a king and mother as a queen. But their mother didn't her children to go through the hardships of being princesses. She wanted them to live normally. So when the twins were born, she took one and ran away. While the other had to go be a princess. The other one lived in a village. She worked as a waitress. The other became a world famous model, yet princess. The village knows their story but they never told Bailey about her royalty. No one knows that Madison has a twin. Not even the king! Only her mother. The mother told it to the village so they could help protect Bailey from the hardships of being famous. Bailey went to a shop once and saw someone exactly like her on the cover.......


2. Meet the twins 2

Madison started acting but she is still a princess. She went to a very expensive school paid by her father. But Bailey lived in a small village. She couldn't go to school cause her mother didn't have money. She got blonde highlights and was invited to a small cheap camp....

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