Marshall lee and the half vampire (OC)

A girl is born from a vampire and a werewolf, she's a hybrid. And she meets Marshall lee and all the others, Marshall grows feelings for her, but does she grow to like him back? Read to find out. RATED 16+ for swearing and slight sex scenes


1. Ch 1 icy gold & brief start

" it's a girl" a nurse said, handing the new born baby to the mother, she hissed and bit it's neck, the baby cried as blood came to the surface of the new pure skin if that child. The mother was infact a vampire, and wasn't planing to have a child. 
Suddenly A male burst through the doors and took the child, he cleaned her wounds, all that was left were two holes. He was her father, a werewolf. The child is a hybrid of both vampire and werewolf, this is illegal in the land of Aaa, and everywhere else. And so the mother abandoned her child that night, leaving it all to the father. Three years later, on her her birthday, the child, franki, was introduced to the golden witch, her name was Goldie, and she loved gold, she couldn't get enough of it. Franki had grown smart in the past years and had learnt how to talk, walk and use the toilet properly. She also learnt that she could fly, but her father forbid it and punished her for it. Every chance she got, franki would visit the golden witch. she was like a grandma to her, and that's exactly what she called her.


CH 1: icy gold

Chapter one: icy, gold

" grandma?" Franki asked Goldie, 

" yes darling?" Goldie replied, both of them were in the back yard of the golden witches house, stirring up some sort of potion. 

" why do you have to put disgusting stuff in potions?" Franki finnaly asks, she was standing over the large cauldron, watching the mixture go round and round. 

" what do you find so disgusting about toads legs and rat intestine?" Goldie replys to the small child, 

" everything! The smell, the way it feels and the noise it makes when you throw it at a wall" franki exclaims, Goldie laughs a bit, 

" I don't find any of it so revolting, it's magical" the golden witch smiles, 

" magic!!!!" Franki sings, she loved that word, it just slipped of her tongue every time. Suddenly franki heard a bell ring. she knew this bell, it was the mail bell. Boy, did franki love getting the mail. 

" can I get it grandma, please!!" Franki asks, a slight whine in her voice, Goldie smiles and nods, 

"Sure you can sweetheart, but it's not in the mail box" 

Franki looks at Goldie, confused, 

" what do you mean grandma?" Franki asks, the golden witch points her index finger up to the sky and smiles, franki tilts her head to the side, like the cute little werewolf she is. 

" follow me" the witch says. And leads Franki to the side of the house where a ladder was, it was tall, and was attached to the side of the house. It was also really old and looked like the wood was turning rotten. Goldie starts to climb the ladder, even though Franki knew she wasn't aloud to fly, she still did, but flew close to her grandma so she was safe. Suddenly the wood gave way beneath Goldie's feet and she began to fall, Franki saw what happened and grabbed her grandmas arms and flew her up to the top of the house where a small roofless room was, almost like a lookout for a Pirate ship. 

" gran?" Franki asks, 

" yes sweetie?" Goldie replies, dusting herself off 

" why am I not aloud to fly alone?" Franki asks, she has always wanted to know the answer to that one question, Goldie had to think about this for a moment, then replied 

" we don't want a strong wind to take you up high, then you get scared and loose control" 

Franki nods understandingly, 

" oh I see, you just want me to be safe!" Franki exclaims, Goldie smiles and nods. 

" now how about this mail" Goldie says and grabs the mail box that was floating above them, symboling that there was something in it. Goldie opens it and pulls out a piece of ice with some paper frozen inside it. Franki giggles and takes the ice from Goldie, and licks it, the ice was sweet like candy, mixed with slight bitterness, like a lime, or lemon. The ice quickly melted away and the paper opened up by its self. Franki smiles In amazement, 

" dear golden witch, I am having a small get together with a few other witches. I was wandering if you would like to join me. Please reply soon. Yours sincerely ice queen" Goldie read out the letter, 

" can I go too grandma?" Franki asks, Goldie nods and summons a piece of paper and a pen, she then starts writing, 

" dear ice queen, thank you for your letter. I would love to join you for some tea, would it be ok if my granddaughter came along for a visit too? Thank you once again. Yours sincerely golden witch" Goldie said while writing the letter. Franki grins happily, and nods at her grandma, Approving the letter. 

The next day franki woke up early, ready to go to the tea party at the ice queens. Franki ran down the stairs of her grandmas house excitedly, 

" grandma!!" Franki shouts as she jumps on the sofa, 

" yes Franki?" Goldie replies, walking from the kitchen into the lounge where Franki was. 

" are we going to the tea party today?" She asks, 

" yes, so we're going to need to find you a pretty dress" Goldie nods happily 

" blah!!" Franki sticks out her tongue in disgust 

" dresses suck!" She shouts 

" no Franki. We don't want that language" Goldie tisks, Franki lowers her head in shame, 

" sorry gran" she mumbles, Goldie ruffles Frankis hair softly, 

" it's ok. We'll find you a really nice one" Goldie smiles, franki nods a little disappointed, but accepts it anyway. Franki got to choose the dress she wore, as she was the one wearing it. It was a black long dress that reached the ground with dark red roses on it, Franki was quite pleased. After getting dressed, the golden witch and Franki set off to the ice castle, it wasn't long until they arrived. 

" hello Goldie, it's been a while since we've seen each other" the ice queen greets Goldie with a cold smile, Franki hugged her grandma, slightly afraid. 

" indeed it has" Goldie smiles back, 

" this is my granddaughter Franki" Goldie introduces Franki buy pushing her towards the icy woman, Franki tries to pull back, but fails. 

" it's wonderful to meet you Franki" the ice queen knees to Frankis height, 

" don't mess with me woman, I'm tough" franki puffs out her chest, trying her best not to be scared, the ice queen cackles and stands back up. 

" quite a girl you've got there, might need to teach her a thing or two" the ice queen says through gritted teeth, 

" well if you come with me Franki, I can show you something" the ice queen takes Frankis hand and pulls her into the next room. 

" I-I'm tough!" Franki shouts, stuttering a little. 

" course you are child. Now meet Marshall lee" the ice queen pushes Franki into a room and closes the for behind her 

" Marshall?" Franki questions looking around the empty room, 

" did the crazy lady name the room Marshall?" Franki asks her self, while she walks around the room

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