He was dangerous. I didn't care. I should've known he would be the death of me...


1. Meeting

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It was my best friend Melanie. I met Mel four years ago on my Freshman year of college. 


I waved goodbye to my parents as they drove off. I turned around and started walking towards my new dorm. I walked in and there was someone already in here.

"Hi I'm Elizabeth," I said.

"Hey I'm Melanie but you can call me Mel" She replied. We spent the rest of the day talking and hanging out. Ever since then we've been inseparable.

End flashback.

I answered the phone. "Hey Bitch!" She screamed through the phone. "Jeez Mel! It's like eight in the morning!" I replied. " Eli, it's 2pm. Get up I'm coming over. We're going to a party!" She hung up before I could protest. I've never been the party type and I'm not starting today. There was a knock at the door. That was fast.. 

"Eli!!" She screamed..again.

"Hey. So who's party are we going to this time?"

"Remember the guy I told you about a few days ago?"

"The Harry Styles guy?" I answered.

"Yea him. He invited me and we have to go!" She pleaded.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes! Come on Eli Please!!!"


"PLEASE!!" She pleaded.

"Fine! Just stop yelling!" I said

"Yes! Ok go get ready the party starts at 7 so we have like 4 hours."

"K I'll be ready."

 After Mel left I started getting ready because I knew she would kick my ass if I didn't. I took a long shower mostly thinking and just letting the water run down my body. After I stepped out I straightened my hair and did my make up. I'm not like those other girls that overdose on make up so I went with a natural look. When I was done I slipped on my dress. It was black and it stopped at mid thigh. I might as well look good.

It was 6:50 by the time I was done and Mel would be here any second. I heard a knock so I answered it.

"Wow! You look hot!" Mel said.

"Thanks! You do too!" I said

We left and headed toward the party. By the time we got there the place was packed! I stared in awe of the amount of people that were here. We entered the house and it smelled like alcohol and a few other things that I knew were illegal. Mel left to go get us drinks so I just awkwardly stood there waiting for her. She came back with a clear liquid in a red plastic cup. A couple bumped into me and I spilled my drink on a tall curly haired guy, and he didn't look too happy.



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