I'll Take You There

Genesis Renner,18, leaves home after having a moment of clarity and being fed up with the life she's living.Feeling alone and misunderstood in a world where she feels like music is her only friend,she meets ,James "Jim,Jimmy" Ayling who's also 18.He shows her that she's not alone and that she has a friend in him.But what will happen between Genesis and James if they fall for eachother?

Find out in....I'll Take You There


4. What are you writing about?





~Genesis' P.O.V~

I looked at Lydia and smiled.I guess,I can settle for Michigan.It's a lot better than staying in Northwick for the rest of my life,I can tell ya that.Grabbing my stuff,I pushed the car door open.I turned to Lydia who was still inside the car with her window open."Thanks Lydia",I said."Oh,Gen,before you go..Here",Lydia said as she handed me a piece of paper.I opened the piece of paper to see her number and address sprawled on it."Awww,thank you so much,Lydia",I said as a smile began to form on my face."If you need anything call me",she said."I will",I said before I began to walk away.I pushed the piece of paper into the pocket of jeans.Looking around at the white and orange tinted lights that lit up the section of street that I was walking on.I continued walking until I found an old building.I walked over to it and started climbing up the fire escapes that aligned the side of the building.I climbed up the fire escapes until I reached the roof of the building...I sat on the edge of the roof,looking down at the ground below.Taking my time to just relax and think.I pulled my out notebook and started writing.I was deep in thought until I heard someone say "What are you writing about?".....

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